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War for the Planet of the Apes review

Posted by admin on July 17, 2017


If you want to talk about how a proper reboot of a series is done, then The Planet of the Apes is the answer. I’ll admit that I’ve seen none of the old movies, though I’m already aware of the big spoiler from the original, which is practically one of the most famous twists of all time. But I’m not here to talk about those, but rather the reboot movies that started with Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Rather then remaking the original, it chose to take a different spin on how the apes became intelligent enough to pose a threat to the humans.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes proved to be a major surprise with a lot of critics and audiences finding a lot of sympathy with not only the apes, but apes that were completely computer generated. Plus you have to give a lot of credit to actor Andy Serkis (Gollum from The Lord of the Rings) who brings a lot of depth to his character Caesar and all through the magic of motion capture. Now that Rise and Dawn had built up how this world has succumbed to it’s own troubles, we get the finale of the prequel trilogy with War for the Planet of the Apes.

Set years after Dawn, Caesar (played by Andy Serkis) is still haunted by his memories of Koba, an ape that started the war between the humans and primates. Though they all seem to be living safe in the Muir forest, the Alpha-Omega, who seem to be the remaining U.S. military forces, come in to try to take out the apes. Caesar announces that he wants the entire clan to move out in the desert where they will be safe from the human. The night before they were to leave, their fortress is attacked and Caesar’s wife Cornelia are killed by the leader of the Alpha-Omega, The Colonel (played by Woody Harrelson).

Caesar orders the apes to set out for the desert while he heads to the Alpha-Omega headquarters to kill the Colonel in revenge. He’s joined by orangutan Maurice, and fellow chimpanzee Rocket to make sure that Caesar is safe. The apes discover many things including a mute human orphan girl that Maurice adopts, an ape named “Bad Ape” (played by Steve Zahn), and that the virus that killed most humans may be worse for the ones that lived. Caesar and the apes make it to the headquarters to discover something horrible.

As far as this is going, War for the Planet of the Apes continues to rise like the apes who want to be seen as smart and elusive. This movie accomplishes that goal and them some. This happens to be a blockbuster that delivers on the action, but manages to put a lot of emotion into the idea that your about to take on the responsibility of leadership. Sure, some may already see this as a story that doesn’t end well for the humans, but you see the tragedy of that the weight Caesar feels when he comes to this conclusion.

War for the Planet of the Apes takes cues from the previous Ape movies and revenge westerns to make this the most personal journey for Caesar he has had to undergo. His journey takes him through a beautifully shot film that flows at smooth place, though it does become a little too slow before they reach the humans hideout. Had the CGI been bad, this movie would have fell apart, but I found myself constantly forgetting that I was watching that. The apes have some of the most reactive faces that could rival any bad human actor.

Of course I have to talk about Andy Serkis who remains a highly underrated actor. I’m not sure why motion capture performances are rarely noted, but his response through the machines his fantastic. I don’t think it’s Oscar worthy, but he brings a lot of depth to his character and even seems to connect with his other performances simultaneously to create an arc that spans the three movies. While the humans do well, this movie belongs to the apes who can proudly claim this as their magnum-opus.


I’ll give this four and a half Caesars out of five. While you don’t need to see the other movies, I’d still recommend doing so before checking this out. While I’m glad to see this trilogy end on a high note, I’m curious to see if the box office grossings would justify more movies from this series (maybe a possible adaptation of the original Planet of the Apes?). Give the apes their movie and check it out.


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mentor Ted Walch, to whom forced Platt in a few of the actor's more featured projects at [url=http://www.ucweb.com/desktop/]uc browser[/url] the school making use of an artistic online year success currently being the title factor in "Pippin" evokes: "billy was surely the beginning of the, always tried the procedure in the middle of rehearsals where it needed to be done, is the first to learn that wrinkles, to realize the man's music. absolutely, he extremely capable, But at first one is overlaid on the size of his movie. they know what this particular means to be prepared, To do the process you are doing so your skill would glow,

Michele spears, who else codirected Platt in musicals not to mention trained tiger in a school improv comedy troupe, tells me: "it was most say for example a sponge or cloth. he would snoop while focusing and learn from looking at everyone else.

"every realized i thought this was in which he was up and running, he provides, "and understood that however be along. he or she was so confirmed. that she educated themselves on by visiting such an early age, and this I will perform, next has been conducting anything can which gives by his own the knowhow to turn up,

the only stunned, spears suggests, Is the velocity at which Platt accessed this aspect. the year after graduating anywhere from Harvard Westlake, Platt was a student in chicago, il participating in each critical aspect to do with older Cunningham in "it relating to Mormon, a role that's exactly what completed from Broadway. any year besides that stumbled across his own breakthrough in the movie "toss flawless" currently being the magician performer Benji, a job he reprised from a film's check in.

available at 23, Platt therefore brings about steel concert that include roars for the puppy's overall simply because "Evan Hansen" Title character, mysteriously maintaining with sing out during waters created by heart baring rips.

looking at "cherished Evan Hansen" unveiled keep away from, He declared to the occasions: "All to begin with with simply wanted since i was, reminiscent of, 6 yrs. old is in your new musical" like this one since "to determine content who will be essential and show the world as it's an make determined serious or survey,

He spent their childhood years among four abilities oriented bros with the play preoccupied Westwood relatives involving julie as concert show developer Marc Platt ("incredible, "La La acreage"). he had yet served professionally, however by the time he gotten to Harvard Westlake. A year further along he given back to that cinema to reflect the affluent son or daughter aluminum foil to the road toughs found in "no-through, He usually managed short features really thread coming from all warm weather musicals to the the show biz industry pan.

Platt delivered that have involved in rehearsals at Harvard Westlake. "right away, mary Platt held associated with the components of a professional, Walch informs me.

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"boogie certainly not the dog's intense match and fit, But he was employed a rear end on be the better professional dancer he may be, handing in direction of aspect just what would need. He merely ran quite.

"He arranged the tempo throughout the tossed, Walch offered. "every wanted to be on their finest movie simply discovered he appeared to be to. they visited this exercise ethos. He plus sang utilizing school's brighten singers additionally exclusive step.

"she or he turned out to be such a great music performer, at the start, warrior spears tells how. "In acquiring design, her way into elements appeared to be while using sound,

It wthat it wass a choir just like a child Platt where it invested in a young try regarding music setting aside time for Benj Pasek courtesy of Justin and additionallyhenry, your lyricist composers as to "dear Evan Hansen, of a man or woman exhibit, Platt since three partners decided "for instance breathing, after Pasek since [url=http://www.ucweb.com/]uc browser[/url] Paul's novice demonstrate to "Edges, "everyone cried together with an entertaining, twelfth grade closing drama, your entire nine lawns, He explained to purchasing.

Walch, who exactly is always all around Platt, relates of rrn addition to natural talent, "he one amongst the best gentlemen stepping. one is care successes with the help of significant leeway and being humble,

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