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War Horse

Posted by admin on January 24, 2012


War has a great effect on people. It changes lives, even takes them away. War can move countries, change leaders, and provoke thought. War is one of the biggest punishments on the human soul. Despite our own consequence, we don’t think about the effect on the animals.

War Horse is the latest military movie offering by Steven Spielberg. His experience from 1941 to Saving Private Ryan has shown that he has an interest in the subject of mass genocide. War is defined differently from each side, but this movie seems to agree the both sides just want people to get back safely.

The movie follows the perspective of “Joey”, a young stallion who we see at first as a pony. Quickly on, he is bought at an auction by a farmer who is looking to profit from farming. His teenage son, played by the surprising affective Albert Narracott, treats the animal as his new best friend and trains it on his own. Through time, Joey is trained from staying put to plowing stronger then most horses.  It seems like their inseparable. They don’t deserve it, but war comes too soon. The first World War in fact.

The rest of the movie follows Joey through the British Captain that rides in formation and then on. I wont give away much more, but the horse goes through different owners, taking in their own views of the war. These sights go from innocent victims to the harshest generals that would be castrated for animal cruelty. It can be freighting to see some of the thing that went through with these creatures.

Don’t worry. Nothing really bad happens to Joey. What I really respect about War Horse is that Spielberg does not attempt to make the story too sad. In fact, it does have a happy ending.

Although this is not Spielberg’s best work, it was much more effective then I thought it was going to be. Like the rest of his movies, War Horse has incredible production value. From the costumes to the cinematography, you would swear you were part of the British military about to open fire.



I'll give this 4 out of 5 horse plows



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