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Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Posted by admin on October 3, 2012


I love it whenever movies take two different genres and mix them up. Why should we be stuck with a single category for a movie? Something like Cowboys and Aliens tried combining the classic western with science fiction. Rock of ages combined a musical with the grittiness of rock and roll.  Even one of my favorite movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, was a combination of film noir with golden age animation. Horror movie have combined several ideas. We have gotten horror and comedy with Scary Movie and Evil Dead. I’ve seen horror related documentaries like Best Worst Movie. We even have horror musicals like Nudist Colony of the Dead. So I tried to find the best horror genre clasher as my first of the month.

After some searching, I found Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. Wow, do I have a treat for you all. What I have here is another horror-comedy that has received great reviews, but never got the wide release in theaters it deserved. It’s more then a satire. It turns the tables upside down on the typical horror cliques. If you’ve seen movies about killer hillbillies in the woods, then this is a tribute that glorifies those country-fired minds.

The movie begins with how every other horror film opens these days; a group of college students that are getting away for the weekend in order to swim, do some drugs, and some sex. They encounter two men at a gas station that look absolutely terrifying. Disgusted by them, the kids assume the worst and leave. The two men are the two well-meaning hillbillies Tucker (played by Alan Tudyk) and Dale (played by Tyler Labine). They have bought their dream vacation home (which is actually a log cabin straight out of the scary hillbilly genre).  Their little vacation will turn into lucks deadliest day.

During a fishing trip, Tucker and Dale accidently startle a young psychology major, Allison (played by Katrina Bowden), causing her to hit her head upon the waters impact. The two men fish her out intending to let them know she’s hurt. The rest of the kids misinterpret it as them kidnapping her. As the hillbillies take Allison back to heal her, the college guys remember an old story about a hillbilly attack called “The Memorial Day Massacre”. What follows is a series of events about misunderstandings, and the college kids attempting to “rescue” Allison, but end up meeting their demise in the stupidest way possible.

Even though it may have just seemed like it, I have not given away the best parts of the movie. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is a great ride through, reminiscent of the Darwin Awards. Tucker and Dale are most perfect set of lovable idiots since Harry and Lloyd in Dumb + Dumber. No matter what they try to do, they end up only make their situation worse for the college kids. The further it progresses, the more crazy the deaths become. It’s fun to see this movie attempt to follow, yet not follows all those horror cliques.


I’ll give this four and a half Billy beers out of five. I think that this is a good way to kick off the Halloween season. Hilarious and stupid, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil will make you kill for another.  



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