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Total Recall

Posted by admin on August 7, 2012


It’s funny how much our memories are like treasure chests. There’s a lot of gold, but what we want is the big stuff. The diamonds are the prettiest, most desirable of all treasures. The diamond we all want is not a jewel, but it is whatever we want most. Though you may be who you are, I bet you have always wanted to become something else. Maybe you wanted to be a movie actor, but your busy as a fast food worker. Though you don’t see your self as an actor, somewhere in your brain is the jewel, or key needed to expand that desire. If we all knew how to access it, then there’s no limit to what you could become.

Memories are being played with in Total Recall. Based off of a short story by Phillip K. Dick, it’s most known as a movie back in 1990 that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone stared in. I cannot compare this to the remake, as I’ve never seen the original. From what most people say, it’s an exciting science fiction thriller with plenty of action. Plus interesting enough, it was one of the last movies to rely on miniatures before the dawn of computer animation. So I can take that that movie was very original.

This is the last thing I can say about this. This is a movie that would rather take designs from better futuristic movie and try to pass it off as their own. I recognize the robots from IRobot, the city setting from Blade Runner, and every gun from every Star Wars movie. I guess what was knew was the transformation of a hulk-like main character to an everyman-like one instead. Colin Ferrell takes the reigns of Douglas Quaid in this remake. He’s a good action hero, but he lacks the charm that Schwarzenegger had. The movie throws several one-liners that would have come better from him. When Ferrell says them, they come off as unfunny and unexpected.

Back to the story, Douglas Quaid hates his factory worker life and wants a new life. He decides to go to “Rekall”, a place that can give him memories that he always wanted. Just as he’s given the life of a secret agent, police burst in only to be taken down by Quaid. When he returns home to explain to his wife (played by Kate Beckinsale), she reveals herself to be an agent and they fight. The rest is a mishmash of fighting, political covers, and people that you don’t care about.

What disappoints me is that the movie never slows down. The pacing of the movie is so fast, that you never get a chance to catch up to the confusing storyline. The movie throws a lot at us and expects to audience to forget it within the action. Total Recall is something that should have been handled by bigger names, but feels like something that is being told by a second rate storyteller. Why does everyone feel like this has to be taken seriously? Don’t they know how silly this is? Where’s the fun?


I’ll give this two memory chairs out of five. This jewel they found looks like a fake. If the original was seriously better, then I would rather watch that. Can I get a better memory then the one that I just sat through? 


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