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Posted by admin on February 14, 2013


Far out into the skies are the men and women that try to catch that extra thrill of life, by throwing themselves into machines that allow them to fly. This isn’t the Wright Brothers; they are going at speeds that would envy Superman. The jet fighters are some of the most impressive military vehicles to have ever been dreamed up. Those that sit in the cockpits are about to go on the fastest, most intense ride that their bodies will ever be prepared with. A roller coaster will probably be as close to a jet fighter as I will ever get to. Part of me want’s to take the extra strength to get inside these planes.

The jet planes are nothing but spectacular to watch if you can ever get to an airshow. I remember when my dad took me down to San Diego when I was ten to see these eagles of the armed forces. We both had a good time, even if my ears were still adjusting to the loud noises of the engines. So a lot of you would think that I had seen the eighties classic Top Gun before. But believe it or not, I had not. Keep in mind that even though I’m a film fanatic, there are plenty of classics I have yet to see. So when I found out it was coming in IMAX in 3D, I figured that this was a good chance to see the movie originally as intended.

Out in the Indian Ocean, Navel lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (played by Tom Cruise) is jetting off with his friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (played by Anthony Edwards) to intercept some MIGs (term for enemy fighter) close to the USS Enterprise. Maverick does fine to scare off the MIGs without having to fire upon them. But fellow wingman “Cougar” is too shaken to fly back on his own. Luckily, Maverick is able to guide him back. For his bravery (even though it was against orders), he’s recommended to attend the Top Gun school in San Diego, California.

Though he is a good pilot, Maverick is a very risky flyer, something he inherited from his father who flew during Vietnam. Goose however is much more careful, due to his love for his wife Carole (played by Meg Ryan) and his baby boy. Nonetheless, Maverick continues to become a rival to fellow student, Tom “Iceman” Kasansky (played by Val Kilmer) and pursue his instructor Charlotte (played by Kelly McGillis).

Rereleased on the IMAX, the sound just booms as much as a real life jet fighter. Other then that, I hardly see the justification for giving the movie a 3D conversion. Top Gun may be in love with the Navy Jet Fighters, but I think they forgot that the fighters themselves need to be more interesting. The flying scenes do look cool(the last ten minutes was a very exciting air battle), but the school and students were actually boring. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer were the only guys I really remember. Given that Top Gun gave Cruise the popularity boost, I can see that his charm worked well and he is very likable. Val Kilmer played more of the typical pilot I would normally meet. He’s dedicated, but also a little full of himself. Not really a villain, but a school bully.

Top Gun may have been a big hit in 1985, but it feels stuck. Time has not been friendly towards the military picture. It’s not just the very yellow saturated picture and constant use of eighties electronic-pop songs (though “Danger Zone” and “Take my Breath Away” still sound cool), but the technology looks outdated. What makes military genres hard to tackle is that the technology used in warfare is changing all the time, the flyers and radar equipment of today are very different.


I’ll give this three navel jet fighters out of five. Top Gun may not be the best for today’s generation, but those in the military or those that saw it in the eighties and are looking for a piece of nostalgia may find that this plane still has sound under it’s engine. 


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