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Posted by admin on April 12, 2012


In 1997, Titanic was released in theaters. It became a big hit. After it’s release in December, it ended up staying much longer. I still have memories of seeing this film. As a child, I loved it. I loved the history of the ship, loved the variety of the characters, and especially loved the special effects of the ship sinking. That first showing became a staple in my childhood as a movie going experience. It ended up becoming the highest grossing film of all time (Until Avatar) and won every major award. Come to think of it, I think that Titanic is the only film to have an Oscar, a Golden-Globe, a Grammy, a MTV movie award, and a Kids Choice Award. The movie became one of the most famous events in the 1990s.

To commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the sinking, Titanic has now returned to theaters, but this time, in 3D.  I was pretty stoked. Normally, I’m not the kind of guy to see a re-release, but since I’m a history buff, this was for me. I didn’t just want to see it in 3D, but I wanted to heighten the experience by seeing it in IMAX. Unfortunately, most of the IMAX theaters are being used by Wrath of the Titans. In order to see this movie, I went to the Universal Studios Citywalk IMAX. I sat down waiting for a new experience and I got one. As I got to the midpoint (when Jack is arrested and the lifeboats are starting to set sail), the movie stopped working. I sat in the theater for ten minutes wondering what happened. Eventually, an employee came out and said that this was a lost performance. After they gave us free passes and our money back, I wondered how I was going to review this movie. So I decided to look at the half that I saw.

The 3D was something I was skeptical about. Once soon the movie opened up to the treasure hunters, I knew I was in for a great ride. The 3D in this movie is not a “throwing stuff in your face” thing; it instead expands the depth of field, giving you a heightened sense of reality. Starting on the madden voyage, I was reminded again why I love this movie. First of all, the effects of recreating the ship still hold up very well. The ship, the people running it, and its inhabits feel real. The movie’s art and set direction is definitely up there with Amadeus and Blade Runner. The casting is perfect. When I first saw the movie, every girl my age saw DiCaprio as a poster boy. But older, he was (and still is) a great actor. Kate Winslet had that no-nonsense attitude to play Rose. Plus the relationships are still interesting. Not just Rose and Jack, but also Rose and her fiancé, Rose and her mother, Jack and his friend, The captain and his crew, and even the crew and the rest of the passengers.


Based on the first half of Titanic, I'll give it five hearts of the ocean out of five. I wish I could have seen the rest of the movie. I promise I'll go see again and finish the review. But for now, lets just say my maden voyage while seeing Titanic hit an iceberg. I'll find a life boat and wait for another trip. 


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