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Thor: The Dark World

Posted by admin on November 13, 2013


The exploration of space and the universe is the modern day equivalent to exploring the uncharted seas from the ages of our ancestors. We are now living in a time in which we are trying to find out the answers of the cosmos like how it all began and how it will end. We may have been around for millions of years, but we have only began to consume science like a hungry bear, and use it to delve into the unknown. I have my own questions such as “is there such a thing as parallel universes?” and “is time travel a possibility?”

I like to think that even though that most of the universe is dark matter, there are other worlds they have extraterrestrial life. It may even have human-like creatures. Like parallel worlds, they may be like us or they might be more advanced then we could imagine. I also believe that God has not made us the only place in the universe where life could happen. The Marvel comics have already gone into the facts that many of their heroes come from other worlds. Thor from Asgard makes his return for another swing of the hammer in Thor: The Dark World

Our story opens eons before the universe was created. A race of Dark Elves lead by Malekith seeks to use a weapon called the Aether to cloud the universe in darkness. They failed as the representatives from Asgard were able to trap the weapon into a stone column that looks uncanny like the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Cut to 2013, where Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is being imprisoned for life for his war crimes in The Avengers. Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) continues to work with the other Asgard warriors to protect the nine realms (Earth being one of them) from Evil.

Meanwhile, Jane (played by Natalie Portman) is in London, where her intern Darcy (played by Kat Dennings) takes her to a warehouse, where the laws of physics and gravity don’t apply here. Further exploration takes Jane to another world where the Aether is, and unexpectedly infects her. She returns to Earth just as Thor comes to take Jane to Asgard. They take her to Thor’s father Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins), where it’s revealed that the infection will bring about the end of the universe as it has awakened the Dark Elves. It seems that Loki could be their only chance to save everything from darkness.

So if you thought that the first Thor was very fantasy-like, Thor: The Dark World steers even further away from superhero formula. What we get here is a surprisingly complicated plot about creatures from before the universe and how they want to destroy it even though they want to take over it (it’s never clarified what their plans are). The villains look interesting, but are not interesting themselves as destroying everything is their only plan. It’s generic and to be fair, hard to work after using Loki as the villain.

The firs thirty minutes are a lot of exposition about how the fantasy elements work in the Marvel universe. It takes off from there as the action and humor finally pay off. There are plenty of scenes of Thor fighting bad guys and Loki doing what he does best, looking awesome while being campy. In a interesting twist, Jane is now the fish out of water on Asgard as Thor does his best to save everyone. The final battle in London actually had me rooting more then I did for Iron Man 3. It’s creative with constant teleporting to other worlds, and plenty of the destruction that makes a blockbuster fun.


I’ll give this four hammers of Thor out of five. The first movie had a great story, but was short on action. This one has an ok story, but tons of fun action. Hopefully for an eventual Thor 3, they can meet halfway in the middle for my wish to be granted. 


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