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The Theory of Everything

Posted by admin on December 2, 2014


The understanding of us is a pursuit that great minds like Newton, Galileo and Einstein have gone after for generations. Their the ones that always asked “How did the universe begin?” and “Is there an ending or a boundary for the universe?”. They are seen as people the people that can take mankind into the next steps through science to get a better understanding of life. They also face controversy as some of their ideas contradict religious beliefs and even the existence of God. I don’t see much of an issue myself as I’m a Christian and I see much of the ideas as searching how the universe works and not the universe itself, therefore allowing my belief in God to be justified.

One such person to be recognized in the field of physics is Stephen Hawking. His bestseller A Brief History of Time has opened up the door of complicated mathematics and ideas of the cosmos to the mainstream public. What people love about this guy is that even with the complication of a motor neuron disease, he has been able to continue with his scientific journey and that he remains an active lecturer. His early life and romances are revealed in The Theory of Everything.

While a young man, Stephen Hawking (played by Eddie Redmayne) is a very intelligent student who is taking his steps into earning his doctorate at Cambridge in England. He is also socially awkward and likes to shut himself in his room as he studies. That changes when he meets Jane Wilde (played by Felicity Jones) who takes a liking to the young man despite their academic and religious differences. Hawking is a cosmologist while Jane is a literature student. Hawking is agnostic while Jane is a Christian. The two still manage to enjoy their time with each other and start a relationship.

 A fall at his school sends him to the hospital where it’s revealed that he has Lou Gehrig’s disease and that he only has about two years to live. Jane decides that she loves him enough that she will stay with and care for him. they marry and they have three children together. As Hawking’s condition deteriorates further into a wheelchair, he finally allows more help. This results in a man Jonathan Jones (played by Charlie Cox) into becoming a caretaker as Jane struggles with her feeling towards him and her love and beliefs for Hawking,

When I saw the first preview for The Theory of Everything, I thought that the movie was going to be too schmaltzy. It’s clear that this is a romance and not a full biopic. So in a way, its probably more romanticized then it was before. But as stories go, this one isn’t bad. The Theory of Everything rationalizes that true love is always sticking with your partner and with both of it’s leads being very likable, I can see that working.

Eddie Redmayne fires away one of the best acting performances of the year as Stephen Hawking. He portrays him as a ambitious scientist and even a bit selfish in his later years, but still make him relatable when it comes to sticking with his principle. He really wants to be seen not as a cripple who succeeds, but as a great mind who triumphs. Felicity Jones is also great, giving us a young woman who may be peaceful with her mind, but no nonsense with her actions. She’s the only one that can get through to her husband, even against doctors and other scientists.


I’ll give this four and a half A Brief History of Time books out of five. This one is more of an acting piece then a great story, but this is what I would have liked to have seen from last years August: Osage County


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