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The Lucky One

Posted by admin on April 23, 2012



I don’t believe in luck, but a lot of people do. They sometimes wear a symbol of it. They may be carrying a rabbit’s foot around their neck. They might have a horseshoe in their pants. I even heard about someone who keeps all of their lottery tickets, because they thin it brings them luck (though he has yet to win a million dollars). I’ve never heard of someone falling in love with their good luck charm. Zac Efron plays a guy who sets out to find his real life piece of luck in The Lucky One.

Based off another Nickolas Sparks novel, we receive yet another sappy romance from the same man behind similar books like Message in a Bottle and The Notebook. I’ve never read any of his books, but judging solely off of the movies, I would not like them. I guess he has a fan base, otherwise he would have not been able to print more then one story. I’m also guessing that the majority of his audience is adult women. These stories are suppose to be the modern day romance novels on how girls would love to fall into the arms of their men. This may be a fantasy, but that’s it. It’s so phoned in and coincidental, that there’s no way this could ever happen. If it has happened to you, then great. But I’ve never heard a real life story like this before on a daytime talk show. But enough on Nickolas Spark’s stories.

The Lucky One revolves around Marine sergeant, Logan Thibault. He was on his third tour of duty in Iraq. When he finds a photo in the ground, he went to pick it up. While looking at, a blast that should have killed him only wounds him. Wanting to thank the girl in the photo, he decides to find her. This part of the movie could have been another movie itself. But through the magic of screenwriting, he only finds her in the first ten minutes of the movie.

He meets up with the mysterious woman Beth, whose a single mother and owns a dog motel. For some reason, Logan can’t tell, and instead, takes a job. I think you can fill in the rest of the blanks here. They bond, touch, kiss and love. This isn’t a spoiler, because the trailers have already given it away. But it all can’t be phoned in romance, can it? They attempt to establish more back story by bringing in an alcoholic sheriff who also happens to be the ex husband of Beth, and the father of their son, Ben. Though some of the scenes with Ben bonding with Logan are cute, there’s not much for the guys here.

One thing I found insulting for a military character is how they portray his posttraumatic stress. They show in the beginning that he has nightmares, and it even causes him to move out of his family’s house. That itself should have been the villain, but it is never addressed again in the film.


I'll give this two rabbit's feet out of five. Like I said, this is a fantasy for women only. For you guys having to tag along, prepare for two hours of boredom. 


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