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The Cable Guy

Posted by admin on June 20, 2012


Is it okay to give our children junk to shut them up, even though we know its bad for them? I don’t think watching Looney Tunes will turn people into serial killers. Have you ever heard of anyone in the hospital because an anvil was dropped on their head? I grew up watching a lot of movies, but I turned out great. Though I’m a film fanatic, I understand the boundaries of fiction and reality. I know that the bar folk from Cheers are just actors and not my real friends. Even if things don’t always have a happy ending, I would rather live in the real world then in my TV.

The Cable Guy may be a comedy, but it’s also a tragedy. This movie shows one guy that was raised on television. This is a guy that loves television so much, that he doesn’t even know his own name. He only refers to himself with TV names (Chip Douglas in My Three Sons and Ricky Riccardo from I Love Lucy). All he wants is his last connection with humanity; a friend. You wanna be this guy’s buddy, but by the end, you would rather get a restraining order.

Ironically, he is kind of an offbeat narrator to the main story. When architect Steven Kovacs (played by Matthew Broderick) is forced to move into another apartment, he obviously needs some help with getting settled in. All he wants is his television fixed, but he gets something darker instead.

Along comes Jim Carrey as “Chip Douglas”, the cable man. Immediately, he already knows too much as he dives into Steve’s relationship with Robin (played by Leslie Mann). At first, they start off fine by going to the big satellite to playing basketball with Steve’s other friends. There’s even a great scene when they go to Medieval Times and end up jousting each other.

But when Steve gets back together with Robin, he ends up making the wrong person upset. Chip ends up putting tension with Robin’s thoughts on Steve. He then proceeds to get him fired and arrested for stolen home theater equipment. He even goes as far to blackmail him in order to have dinner with his family. The farther the story goes, the crazier he becomes. The crazier he becomes, the more you feel sorry for the guy. What should have been a television repair becomes a fight for life.

The Cable Guy is great for people that want to see Jim Carrey in a different role. I love the guy, as he’s fun to watch. He spews some great jokes with his lisp as he tries to understand how relationships really work. If you don’t like this movie, then you’ve never had a friend like this. He’s the kind of guy that you like, but he’s annoying and never leaves you alone when you want him too. This movie is a great analysis on television and it’s impact on the media. Throughout the movie, there’s a funny trial going on that could be it’s own movie, but I won’t dare spoil it.


I’ll give this movie four and a half show crowns out of five. Though television won’t change who you are, this movie proves too much can be dangerous. See this, then go read a book or something. 


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