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The Bourne Legacy

Posted by admin on August 14, 2012



The heart of a spy is more mysterious then a fireproof safe. They sacrifice a white-picket fence life in order to experience a side of the world that most people never see. Organizations like the CIA and KGB have trained our greatest weapons against terrorists. But unlike the cold machine, these things can bleed. People make up this select group that are given training better then any military force and taught how to survive anything. But even when the best is not enough, we rely on our engineers to push the body to the maximum. But once we’ve reached the top, how do we escape?

Universal Pictures has given us the chance to return to the Bourne series. The only catch is that Jason Bourne will not be the focus. As strange of a decision as it is, Matt Damon, who carried the series fine enough, is not back as Jason Bourne. The Bourne Legacy instead gives the reigns over to Jeremy Renner. I understand that the series can only continue by bringing fresh ideas, but if a movie is going to constantly make references to the fact that Jason Bourne is still out there, then why even take him out? Does Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye from The Avengers) have enough for the Bourne series?

Well, technically yes. Jeremy Renner plays Aaron Cross, a new member of the Operation Outcome, which is one of the Department of Defense's black ops programs. He has all the likability and charm that Matt Damon had. He also portrays the necessary action hero from climbing Alaskan Mountains to running over rooftops in the Philippines. That works fine. Also new to the mix is Edward Norton as Eric Byer, the retired Air Force Colonel in charge of tracking the Outcome spies. The movie has the right Bourne look, but the same cannot be said about the story.

These Outcome agents are given special blue and green pills that enhance strength and mental capabilities. The idea is that they have stopped making them and Aaron wants to viral them off, so that the effect can become permanent. This kind of idea feels out of place. Maybe in a science-fiction thriller, this would suffice fine, but the previous movies advantage was that they were really grounded into reality. If the sci-fi concept wasn’t enough, the movie is the most boring of the series. The Bourne Legacy has about thirty minutes of dialogue that was not needed. As the spies have sacrificed their normal lives, this movie sacrifices more action scenes for more exposition.

Like how Indiana Jones “nuked the fridge”, Bourne has “swallowed the pill” and has gone downhill. The Bourne series should have stopped at The Bourne Ultimatum, but Universal just had to be the greedy ones. In a sad twist, the movie feels like the CIA has taken control of the movie from the outlaw. Despite some occasional thrills and a spectacular motorcycle chase, the movie relies on too much story and not enough action. These people need to remember that film is a visual art, and not a sound one.


I’ll give this two and a half green pills out of five. Unless if Jason Bourne can regain control of the franchise, then maybe it’s time to retire.  My heart felt more sleepy then pumping in this so called action thriller. This is only for hardcore Bourne fans


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