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The Avengers

Posted by admin on May 4, 2012


I’ve been a big fan of the Hulk. I thought that his back-story of gamma radiation and the military practice of scientific warfare was fascinating. I’ve also enjoyed both Iron Man films, as technological warfare is another interesting subject; plus how can you not like Tony Stark? Along with Thor and Captain America, the wait for the big crossover has come to an end. Comic fans have waited patiently to see all their favorite heroes finally fight together in The Avengers.

As I’ve mentioned before, the science in the Hulk and Iron Man has sparked my interest in the heroes. Captain America and Thor were all about the fantasy side of superheroes. To see these ideas combine is a great idea. I’ve been curious to see how the world of Iron Man to fight off demigods and alien armies.

So as you can tell, there’s been a lot of anticipation for this movie. Luckily, it does not disappoint.

In sort of a continuation of the Marvel movies, The Avengers opens up with the attack on S.H.I.E.L.D led by Thor’s brother, Loki. Declaring war on this immortal, Nick Furry, played by the always awesome to watch Samuel Jackson, indicates the avengers initiative. This means their going to gather all the heroes they’ve spoken too in the previous film.

So with the run down, we have Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlet Johannson as the Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and Chris Evans as Captain America. Every actor is reprising their characters for this amazing crossover. The only exception is the Hulk. He’s being played by Mark Ruffalo. This was one thing that disappointed me. The problem with Ruffalo is that he’s to monotone to create a memorable Dr. Bruce Banner. I prefer having Edward Norton in the role.

Luckily, this was the only thing that bothered me. The Avengers is a nonstop, dreamscape of fun. When the heroes get together, they don’t get along. Seeing the conflicting ideals of Captain Americas patriotism and Iron Mans overconfident created the problem of why these people don’t fight together all the time. Every superhero has an ideal sense of duty and what it means to give ones sacrifice. How can a team function when Iron Man would rather fight it alone? Your going to have to see for yourself.

The action scenes are these best I’ve seen in a Marvel movie. Everything feels big and as epic as a World War. Though it is never said, the war between the heroes and Loki becomes a third World War as they fight to save their planet. The team gives everything they got, and this movie really shows it. There was never a dull more overlong action scene. Every time an unearthly machine falls into the streets, you feel the full force of it. Everything the Hulk climbs a building, its looks like the Earth is shaking. When Thor unleashes his hammer, it sounds like the skies are going to fall. 


This gets four and a half cosmic cubes out of five. This movie defines Summer entertainment. Enough said. 


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