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The Adventures of Tintin

Posted by admin on January 20, 2012


I can finally say that I saw a perfect live action cartoon. Well…almost live action. Lest just say that I saw the use of motion capture so well, that I swore that I thought I was watching the real thing.

Tintin is based off of the comics of the same name by famed Belgium writer Herge. While I have never read those comics, I do remember watching the cartoon on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but watching this movie brings back a lot of great memories. I have found my true sense of adventure that I thought I would never see again.

The newest adventure of Tintin follows his quest of the legendary Unicorn ship. This adventure leads him into pairing with Captain Haddock, a drunk with a rich family history. This movie is another call out to Hollywood that Andy Serkis is a great actor, since he portrays this drunk, but respectable sea captain. This adventure takes them from the high seas to the boiling Sahara. There’s almost nothing that these characters can endure.

Another great performance is the inspectors, played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If you saw Shan of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, you know your getting into something good.

There have been many attempts to bring cartoons to the live action world. Attempts like The Flintstones, The Last Airbender, and Yogi Bear have made me lost hope before. Tintin is the movie that finally got the live action cartoon right. The world of Tintin seems more real, but never looses the image that the comics were famous for.



I'll give this movie 5 Snowys out of 5. Do not miss this!