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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies review

Posted by admin on August 2, 2018


Okay, it looks like I get to talk about the Teen Titans from D.C. comics. The Teen Titans are a group of teenage superheroes that are usually run by Batman's sidekick Robin. Being that I'm not an avid comic book reader, I can only assume that their just as popular as the Justice League. Otherwise, how would it be that people still talk about the Cartoon Network series from 2003. I've seen a few episode, and while it's not my thing, I can see why people like this, as it has a similar tone to Batman: The Animates Series, but with a bit more of a rebel attitude…something a real teenager would have. 

But we also have Teen Titans Go!. Unlike the 2003 series, the more recent incarnation is very silly, more colorful, and seems to be more about quick jokes. Anyone watching this can tell this is meant for little kids. The response has been mixed. Some like it's silly nature, comparing it to the 60's Batmanseries. A lot have felt it's simply too dumb and has been over marketed and exposed on Cartoon Network. I'll admit I haven't seen the show but I think Teen Titans Go! To the Moviesgives me a good idea of it's nature. 

The Teen Titans are a goofy group of child superheroes that include Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. They'll save a city from a Balloon person, but rap about it too, just for the sake of looking cool. While distracted, Superman (played by Nicolas Cage) finishes the job and criticizes them for not taking things seriously. The Titans are unaffected until Superman brings up the fact that they've never had a movie. After a montage of trailers that indicated everything associated with Batman except Robin is getting a movie, the teen makes it his mission to get his own movie.

The Titans get a variety of ideas to get their own movie. They first decide that all heroes have a nemesis and attempt to make Deathstroke (played by Will Arnett) their own. He want's nothing to do with them, but the team seems more determined to make him their personal villain. In another part, they attempt to get a movie by going back in time to erase the Justice League from existence. When they eventually get a movie made, the team worries that this will cause a drift between them and Robin's own ego. 

As you can read, Teen Titans Go! To the Moviesis completely aware that it's story has no relevance and is more of an excuse to play upon superhero movies and their tropes. It's actually reassuring to know when a movie immediately reveals that there really isn't a point. In fact, it can be downright hilarious. Does it fully work?...It'll probably be so for major comic book fans and those that love the new cartoon, but I can't see much of a mainstream crowd getting into this. Kind of like Spongebob, this requires you to either accept it's highly silly tone or your going to have a terrible time.

In an essence, Teen Titans Go! To the Moviesis a movie that was made for the kids that watch Cartoon Network. I certainly laughed a lot, but I was also aware that had I been ten, I would have loved this. It reminds me of an older Nickelodeon cartoon. I'll also give it credit that along with being really short (at an hour and twenty minutes, there's even a short film before this), the pacing is so fast that if a joke doesn't stick, it quickly moves on to the next.


I'll give this three and a half Robin patches out of five. I can't say I liked it enough I'd watch it again, but parents should be fine with something this inoffensive (except for a joke in the end credits, but I found it funny) and silly. Whether adults will like it is up in the air. If you look at the trailer and think, "this is not for me", then your going to hate it. For families that don't mind this show, they can team up and Go! To the movies.