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Super Troopers 2 review

Posted by admin on May 3, 2018


Whoever grew up in the early 2000's must remember the comedy of Broken Lizard. It's been a while since I heard of them, I recall seeing their posters in the video store and of friends in high school that would repeat lines from works I didn't understand. It wouldn’t be until 2005 when I would watch the original Super Troopersat my cousins place. Since then, I've seen it once more on TV and can say that it's okay at best. It definitely has some funny lines and even some likable guys. I'd even argue that their other movies, Club Dreddand Beerfestwere better movies. 

It seems that the style of Broken Lizard is similar to Adam Sandler's work; think like something catered to sports jocks if there were more weed jokes. Like a lot of comedy groups, this can work as long as the performers are talented enough. The problem is that the only one of the group that’s halfway memorable is Jay Chandrasekhar (who was also the taxi driver in Jackass Number Two for the Terror Taxi prank). Everyone else just isn't charismatic enough to survive a cinematic translation. Let's see if they can prove me wrong with the long awaited sequel, Super Troopers 2

In the years since the first movie, the former troopers have been fired after a ride along accident with Fred Savage (yep, The Wonder YearsFred Savage). Thorny (played by Jay Chandrasekhar) is now a logger, Foster (played by Paul Soter) is living with his girlfriend, Farva (played by Kevin Heffernan) is a construction supervisor, and Mac (played by Steve Lemme) and Rabbit (played by Erik Stolhanske) work under Farva. All guys constantly dream to go back to becoming offercers again. They get a call to action from their old captain O'Hagen (played by Brian Cox) to come north.

The guys end up in a Canada just above the border, where Vermont governor Jessman (played by Linda Carter) reveals that after a land survey, a portion of Canadian land actually belongs to the United States. To help with the transition, the men are reinstated as troopers to help with the local Mounties, in exchange for their return to full time work. Despite the assurance of local French-Canadian mayor Guy Le Franc (Played by Rob Lowe), the town is less then pleased. Like the first movie, the guys play a lot of pranks, goof on the job, and solve a mystery. 

The bad news is that Super Troopers 2doesn't seem to add anything new to the formula. The good news is that I happened to laugh more then I should have…more then I did for the first Super Troopers. I think what's different here is that the story, which puts our cops up in Canada, gives them more to not only do for the plot, but more material for comedic potential. The biggest laugh I got came from a scene where the troopers pretend to be Mounties and prank those they pull over. 

I will say that if you saw the first Super Troopers, your not likely to be surprised by what goes on here. What's lacking is anything that's truly at stake. The film tries to pull off the idea that being cops were the only thing they were good at, but I think more could have been developed. Something has to keep them going. Why not make them more sleazy and corrupt?

The old cast gives good performances…just as good as the first. The rest of the newcomers seem to fit in just as fine. Guys like Rob Lowe did feel like teachers trying to join in at a fraternity party; it can work as long as they can fit in.


I'll give this three Mountie uniforms out of five. I'll say if you saw the first Super Troopersor anything else by Broken Lizard and disliked it, your not going to like this. But if you got even a few laughs from before, you'll like this fine. It's nothing new or even logical for existing, but I'm glad I saw it. Either give it a chance, your give Broken Lizard another pass.