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Spider-Man: Far from Home review

Posted by admin on July 5, 2019

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Avengers: Endgame was not only one of the most anticipated movies of all time, but it also closed the door to a story that had developed over eleven years starting with Iron Man. It was a movie that I really enjoyed and had figured that would have made a fine last movie for Marvel. Now that Disney runs Marvel, of course they wouldn't want to end things here. There's too much money to not continue and there are a lot of other stories Marvel could do. One of these heroes that can evolve, especially with his age, is the web slinger, Spider-Man.

Without spoiling what happened (though the trailers gave that away), it showed a couple of heroes leaving after Endgame, which now has to rely on the heroes they still have. Spider-Man still remains popular and can easily carry the future that Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to throw. The key is making sure that this Spider-Man grows as he evolves from a teenager into a young man. The previous Spider-Man movies have had trouble making this transition, this this is a rare chance to get things right. Let's see where Peter Parker has gone in Spider-Man: Far from Home after Endgame

In the time that's passed after the events of Thanos and the snap (which is called the "blip"), Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) and his friends like Ned (played by Jacob Batalon) and M.J. (played by Zendaya) are dealing with the fact that everyone else has aged by five years while their still the same. At the same time, with Iron Man gone, Peter is now under pressure by the press that he's expected to be one new leaders of heroes. He declines calls from Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) and just wants to enjoy a class trip to Europe for the summer.

While in Venice, the group is attacked by a giant water monster called an eternal that's fended off by a mysterious caped person that the press dubs "Mysterio". Peter is later taken by Nick Fury to meet the "Mysterio", Quentin Beck (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), who says to be anther hero from an alternate Earth. Peter tries again to decline help, but his group ends up in Prague where another eternal, this time a fire monster, attacks. It seems like that these things are popping up all over Europe and Peter will have no choice but to help. 

As far as an epilogue to EndgameSpider-Man: Far from Home not only serves the story well, but it also proves to be another fun Spider-Man story. The MCU has done great at portraying Peter Parker as a more inexperienced hero and thus, leading way for this growth. Tom Holland is still likable as Peter, who now has more pressure then he did in Homecoming. You not only cheer when he's kicking butt, but you also feel sorry for the fact that he can barley get a break. You want to see him enjoy his summer and interact with M.J., but understand that "with great powers come great responsibility".

Speaking of which, I've really grown to enjoying Zendaya as a different M.J. as she may be more cynical, but does make the chemistry between her and Tom Holland really cute. Plus is not like she's a damsel in distress: she does help in ways I can't spoil. Samuel L. Jackson does good as Nick Fury, but my favorite is Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. For a character where illusions are his power, the movie not only makes it convincing on how people would fall for it, but even makes him threatening when needed.

Do they all manage well in this story? For the most part. As a comedy, it's a mixed bag. As a high school story, I liked it. As a travel story, it's mixed. Spider-Man: Far from Home is trying to do a lot with it's premise and does have a little trouble. I'd say the first half felt a little rushed in explaining the "blip" and how it affects the world. Things pick up when the villain is revealed and Spider-Man has to step up. Did I like it as much as Homecoming? I'd say about as much, which does put this up higher on my ranking, but not the masterpiece that was Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

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I'll give this four and a half Mysterios out of five. Overall, this makes for another fun superhero story. This is probably something I'm saying too much, but it shows how having these heroes in a shared universe can take advantage of their situation. Take a cinematic vacation and witness what a spider can do.