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Snatched review

Posted by admin on May 17, 2017


Have you ever watched the show Locked Up Abroad? It’s about the recounting of people who for one reason or another, were arrested or kidnapped and through interviews of the survivors and fictional recreations, show about the experience of complete culture shock under the dark conditions. For most kids that are studying abroad, this is the last thing they would want their parents to watch. I can see several mothers watching it and then trying to convince their child to think about their trip. On it’s own, it’s entertaining enough that it teaches you to be on your guard, especially if your going somewhere that’s unsafe.

There have been a lot of movies about trips going wrong (most notable, National Lampoons Vacation), but I haven’t seen a comedy about something like Locked Up Abroad. You have to give writers that are trying to make dark material more comic a lot of credit for thinking outside of the box.

The movie also marks Amy Schumer’s second time she has leaded a movie. Though her first outing Trainwreck was hailed by critics as unique, I found it boring and filled with romance comedy clichés. Perhaps Snatched by improve that.

Social media obsessed Emily (played by Amy Schumer) has a taste for life, but also has narcissistic and selfish tendencies that not only cost her job, but her boyfriend as well. She had plans to go to Equator with him, but with the breakup, she has to find someone else as the trip is non refundable. All her friends say no (or at least people she thinks are friends). She then finally visits her mother Linda (played by Goldie Hawn) and offers her the spot. Linda is rather meek and thinks that the world id dangerous. After some begging, Linda finally agrees to go with her daughter, more likely to keep her out of trouble.

When they arrive, the hotel they’re staying at is nice and seems to be the place that was promised to Emily. She even meets a guy at a local bar where they go to a party. Though they don’t go home with each other, Emily is overjoyed (and drunk) that another guy is into her. They (along with Linda) head out to see the sights only for a van to crash into them and kidnap the two women. Emily and Linda escape the crime lord Morgado, but also find out that their in Colombia and need to get to the American consulate.

At it’s worst, Snatched is more predictable and is stuck with Schumer whose not that sympathetic of a character. However, I found myself liking this more then Trainwreck…but only by a little. I did get a couple of laughs out of this, especially from side characters played by Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack. There’s a really funny joke that runs for a while about a guide who helps the women, but I won’t give away that sequence. In terms of the plot, it’s basically a buddy road trip that’s there to serve the jokes and actresses.

In order for a comedy to work, you need strong leads that can carry these jokes. Goldie Hawn does well throughout, but Amy Schumer still has to learn more about translating her content to film format. I’m pretty neutral towards her as I’ve never seen her stand up material, but the material here indicates that she might do better when teamed up with another comic for assistance. Even Trainwreck had her doing a lot of material with Bill Hader. Her performance and how it plays in this movie is okay at best.


I’ll give this three Amazon rope swings out of five. While it’s something I’m not likely to watch unless if it was on TV, I could see how a lot of people would like this. I can’t say if Amy Schumer haters will be swayed by this, but the audience I was with seemed to be fine with her. Your just going to have to be the judge if Snatched is the road worth taken. 


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