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Slender Man review

Posted by admin on August 12, 2018


Okay, I guess its time to talk about urban legends on the Internet. Though I have my fair share of videos and channels I'll watch on YouTube, I'm not one to read fully into local stories about people claiming they saw things like clowns and monsters in the woods. Probably one that took the web by storm was Slender Man. I know the suit wearing, faceless thing has a backstory on websites, but the furthest knowledge I have comes from a video game that I played a while back. While I wasn't scared of this like a lot of survival games, it did give a spooky atmosphere and a lot of people did play it. And yes, I do know about the tragic stabbing that happened by two teenage girls who believed in Slender Man and wanted to impress him.

Now while he was big, that was almost four or five years ago. Like a lot of video games, anything revolving around the internet tends to have s short popularity window. This is why we have gotten very few movies based off of Internet memes. On the one hand, it's hard to see why a Slender Man movie got made, but I do see the potential. 

In the New England area, we have four teenage friends; Wren (played by Joey king), Hallie (played by Julia Goldani Telles), Chloe (played by Jaz Sinclair) and Katie (played by Annalise Basso). They act like how a lot of high-schoolers, just trying to get through class, hoping to get the popular guy and trying to have fun. When they hear a group of boys admitting they were going to try and summon the "Slender Man", the girls decide to do the same. They go to a webpage and watch a hypnotic video that seems to invoke something. 

A few days later on a class trip, Katie goes missing and both Wren and Hallie figure it has to do with Slender Man. They spend a good chunk of the movie attempting to look into it's history and how it might be responsible for a lot of other missing children. The further they dive into the mystery, the more their lives start to become affected by occasional dreams and sights of the Slender Man. More people go mossing and they see more abstract images even if their the only ones that can see them. Can they figure out where their friends are?

Where do I begin with Slender Man? I can start by saying that the concept of watching a forbidden video has already been done with in The Ring. The idea of doing it on the Web isn't a bad idea, but I can a hundred percent guarantee that nothing new is added here. For a movie that took four years to make, it steals from other horror movies like The Ring, I Know What You Did Last SummerThe Grudge, and The Craft. The cinematography is even shot like one of those films from the late 1990's. 

The worst thing about it is The Slender Man is dull and boring. The characters have no personality, there's little narrative plot, no focus, and it keeps witching points of narrative at complete random. It might focus on Joey King as a main character, before switching to another girl while throwing her out. It's like the movie couldn’t decide if the movie should be a group story or something more personal. The Slender Man feel like random notes from a horror film fanatic who went insane. I swear, this was a tough movie to get through. I can't imagine even the most hardcore fans of Slender Man even liking this.


I'll give this one Slender Man out of five. It's a bad sign when I went to see this with a bunch of teenagers who were silent for the majority with no laughs, no screams, or even that much interest. This is one legend that will not last.