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Sisters review

Posted by admin on January 1, 2016


House party comedies are a hard thing to pull off. It seems that when the writers are given the chance to make a typical house party that’s gone out of control funny, they tend to get the idea backwards. It’s not the reaction to the destruction that’s funny, but it’s the characters AND the decisions they make to the party that are hilarious. A dirty pool filled with food and used bandages may look funny, but it doesn’t get much of a laugh once you see it. What is funny is knowing that the owner is a hypochondriac and will probably flip out knowing that their once clean pool is now unusable.

For some reason, movies like House Party and Project X that try and center the whole story around the party never seem to work out. We’ve had movies like Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds and Risky Business that have parties and they work. My theory is that most people don’t want to be at parties too long and the idea of sitting through an entire movie that’s at a party sounds tiring. Perhaps if we send in two comedians that we know can be funny, say something like Sisters, then it might work.

Maura (played by Amy Poehler) and Kate (played by Tina Fey) are two close sisters that are on complete opposite ends when it comes to personal success. Maura is a recently divorced nurse who’s committed to helping people before herself. Kate is a immature stylist who’s living with a friend and had a teenage daughter that’s living with other people as she’s embarrassed by her mother. Maura receives word that her parents Denea (played by Dianne Wiest) and Bucky (played by James Brolin) are planning to sell the home that the girls have grown up in.

Maura and Kate fly into Orlando, FL only to find that not only has the majority of the house been cleared, but the house has already been sold. Both women are asked by their parents to clear their childhood rooms by the end of the weekend. Kate sees this as a chance to have one more party in their old home, to which Maura agrees to under the condition that her sister be the party mom and not drink. They invite the majority of their Facebook friends that have grown up with their own lives and jobs. When drugs and more booze are brought to the party, neither sister is sure that the house will make it through the rowdy night.

Sisters seems like a sketch idea more then a movie idea, it surprisingly works well. A lot of that has to do with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as our leads. Not only do they really seem like siblings, but they take every chance they can with their characters, taking shots at each other and the people around them. It always seems like that whenever these two team up, they know how to make the most irritating situations funny.

 The party itself is also fun to watch. Rather then simply starting off with loud music and dancing, everybody’s more sad and quiet, clearly beaten from the pressures of real life. Once the drugs are brought by a funny John Cena cameo, walls are destroyed and fights are started by old enemies. The problem is that the partying goes on at least fifteen minutes too long. The film does wrap up, but the ending takes up so much time, that you’d think they’d cut some of the hard partying in order make room for the more personal stuff.


I’ll give this four nail salon chairs out of five. Though too long for it’s own good, Sisters is another funny outing with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Fan of wither will probably like thing, along with those that have not seen their material. Sisters makes for a fun house party comedy that’s part fun and other parts funny. 


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