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Posted by admin on October 16, 2012



Have you ever found yourself too deep into a situation you put yourself in? Maybe something like how you join a club because you have a friend that insisting you come, but your only there to be nice. After a couple of weeks of participating, you know see that unless an emergency comes up, there’s no way out and you have to stick it out. With that in mind, you should think about how your part in this has become more of an obsession to understand rather then to please your friend. You have to admit when your looking into something so long, you know really wanna see what their seeing.

One writer goes in too deep in this horror-thriller, Sinister. This movie has actually done something that I haven’t seen in a while; scaring me. As an adult, I find it hard to find a scary movie that actually scares me. I think it’s because we’ve seen all the jump scares and screeching music that cues our fears, so it has become repetitive. The recent trend of found footage movies have attempted to rejuvenate these movie cliques. This movie is a mixture of traditional and found footage and they are used to the movie’s advantage.

Sinister opens with another family moving into a house expecting their new lives to be better. I‘ve seen this done in hundreds of other horror movies, so I was looking to see if this was gonna do this in a new way. Thankfully, the father Ellison Oswalt (played by Ethan Hawke) is a successful crime thriller author and the house he’s moved into was previously the residence of another family that was murdered. He’s hoping that the story could be his next bestseller. As he’s taking the last set of moving boxes to the attic, he comes across a box of super 8 home movies and an old projector. So after plugging it in and winding the film, he takes a look at the old family.

The films turn out to not only be footage of the last family, but of several families. This is where Sinister evokes the found footage. Each reel starts out with the family taking a swim or having a barbeque. But then things turn grisly as it becomes death footage of how they were murdered. They start sharing a connection when one child is spared in each film and a demonic figure seems to appear in all of them. Ellison starts looking deeper into these murders, only to see that the stories themselves may be endangering his own family.

This is a hard movie to talk about without spoiling it. Sinister has a compelling story that has clearly put a lot of thought into all the murders. Each film that’s shown is just hard and terrifying to watch, but that’s what’s not scary about the movie. What scared me was this possible world that I don’t understand (neither does Ellison) could actually reach out and kill us, as it’s explained that the demonic creature seen lives in the images themselves.


I’ll give this four symbols of the demon out of five. Sinister is one of the most terrifying movies of the year. If you think you have the courage to watch this creepy movie, go see it. 


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