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Sinister 2 review

Posted by admin on August 25, 2015


There’s only so many times when one can say that finding a good horror movie is rare. I don’t mean the guilty-pleasure, brain-splattering, repetitiveness that horror fans happen to love. A lot of those are allowed to exist as most know that those movies won’t get enough exposure to dampen a threat on to the Hollywood system (which is looking harder for horror thankfully as most of the really bad ones go straight to DVD or digital mediums). The kind of horror that seems to be dying is genuine good horror that also manages to be an engaging story. The good story part is subjective and can have many kinds of meanings, so let’s just say a well put together story. After all, Jaws, The Exorcist, and Silence of the Lambs all were met with phrase and were even nominated for academy awards

The one movie that hits me is Sinister, a new interpretation on the Bogeyman. In 2012, this sleepy horror story hit the theaters with surprise, grossing way over it’s budget, pleasing both horror fanatics and a mainstream crowd. That one understood well that if horror wanted to continue, it had to try harder to bring something different. What scared a lot of people was the announcement of a Sinister 2.

In a smart decision, the movie is a continuation, with only Deputy So & So (played by James Ransone) returning who tried to save the family of the last movie. He is now responsible for making sure that all the houses that were the target of Bughuul or “Mr. Boogie” are burned down so that no one can move in. One such house he misses proves too late as a mother and her two twin boys have moved in to get away from their abusive father.

Courtney Collins is staying in the farmhouse in order to repair the accompanying church, unaware of the previous family murdered. The sons are in on the history as Dylan is having reoccurring nightmares of the sprits of the missing children visiting him and showing him the Super 8 movies of the murders of the families. His twin brother Zach doesn’t seem to care too much, but the brothers and their mother make the best with their hideout. Deputy So & So arrives to warn the family, but can’t bring himself to tell them while he gets closer to the mother. Dylan knows that the more he watches, the further time is left.

As with most sequels, you have to offer something new in order to justify it’s existence. Sinister 2 tries to add a few more elements, but they are all for the worst. First of all, why have the ghosts debate about which sibling should be the one to make the movies? Wouldn’t it make sense for the bogeyman to have already chosen the kid and set him in stone. Second, why bring in an abusive father figure as a villain. In horror movie, the monster is usually enough as a villain.

Finally, they make the mistake of showing the spirits that are communicating with children. It tries to come off like Children of the Corn, but rather then showing creepiness, they seem more ready to go to a local kids TV show. Nothing about them scared me.

As with the victims, none of the family members are interesting. It’s just stereotype farm mother and a conflicting tough son and sensitive son. That’s pretty much it for them. Deputy So & So is not interesting enough of a character to get his own movie. The one element that almost works is the Super 8 footage, but even that gets a little over the top.


I’ll give this one burning farmhouse out of five. As far as I’m concerned, I only view Sinister as a single movie, like Halloween, Exorcist, and Friday the 13th; all fine horror movies that didn’t need a continuation. This is a definite skip. 


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