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Silent House

Posted by admin on March 12, 2012


When ever we see a psycho slasher film, were all saying to the teenage girl, “Get out of the House!”. I don’t know why that’s so hard for most of these characters. They have the speed to run out the door. They can take a small jump from the second story onto the grass. It’s a lot simpler then these cliques show us. So for a movie like Silent House to work, our girl has to be completely confined to the house. What’s amazing is that the theory is followed, but the film still doesn’t work.

Silent House will be remembered as an interesting experiment in cinema. We’ve all seen found footage films like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism. Silent House is a narrative, and is intended to be a normal story, not a found one. What this film does is turn it’s clock into real time. For 88 minutes, we follow Sarah (played very well by an unknown Elizabeth Olsen) as show is trapped in a house that she is helping remodel. What’s interesting is that there are no edits or cutaways. The entire film is one lone take of a woman’s journey into a house of nightmares. Darkness surrounds her as she attempts to escape from a murderer.

The effort is found easily. I’m amazed that these actors were able to hold themselves together for this long. I would have hated to see if somebody had stumbled on their line at the last minute. Despite a very well shot picture, there not to look at.

In a “trapped in the box” horror film, I expect plenty of scares. This film does try to create fear with the audience, as you feel it with Sarah. Only few of the scares are effective. For a film that has a dark pictures, it should have played with it’s sound better. But that’s not the worst of it.

About three quarters in, the film decides to change its tone from a slasher horror to a psychological thriller. There’s nothing in the beginning that gives a clue about it. The change is so sudden, that your still trying to adapt by the time the credits roll. Stories are allowed to have secrets, but you can’t just change the rules when your close to the end. That throws the pace way off.

For a story that started so simple, it got complex way to fast. That spoils the experience for me. 


I'll give this 2 and a half out of 5 lanterns. The light diddn't burn bright enough in the the darkness of Silent House. Hopefully, Hollywood will find a better real time film. 


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