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Shaun the Sheep Movie review

Posted by admin on August 13, 2015


Aardman Animations is one film company that happens to be very popular worldwide, yet only animation fans would know who these guys are. Straight from England, they are a stop motion clay animation company that has managed to create it’s own voice. Unlike Laika that’s dark and comedic, Aardman sticks to something quainter; like if someone took the funny quotes from an group of people at a British pub and put it in animated format. Something about their works like Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Arthur Christmas have always felt very homely humorous enough that any age group would be entertained.

If I had to pick one of their works that represents their unique tone, that would have to be Wallace & Gromit, whether it be their shorts or one feature. I’ve watched this dog and his clueless inventor owner since childhood, keeping a smile on my face while staying impressed with the stop motion that’s rarely used in major motion pictures. This and most of their work clearly have a lower budget that I actually think makes their creativity seem even more personal. After taking this story around the world, Shaun the Sheep Movie finally made it way to the States.

Shaun is a small sheep who seems to be the troublemaker of the flock. The farm he lives on is managed by the farmer (he’s only known as the farmer) and a loyal sheep dog, Bitzer. Shaun and the flock take each day by another and the routine of getting up early to graze and do whatever the farmer wants has clearly worn on everyone’s mind. So Shaun decides to trick the farmer into falling back to sleep while one day can at least be a day off for everyone. But things go wrong when a prank goes to far.

The flock sets up the farmer to fall back asleep in a nearby trailer, but it’s accidentally unhitched as it rolls down the dirt road and onto the freeway, making it’s way towards the city. Bitzer tells Shawn to stay behind while he retrieves his owner, but Shaun feels that’s it’s his responsibility as it was his fault. He takes a bus to the city, but is horrified by not only his flock following him on another bus, but a local dogcatcher named Trumper is after the sheep. Can Shaun, Bitzer and the flock find their owner in the city while avoiding the dogcatcher? Only time will tell.

I know nothing about Shaun the Sheep, as I haven’t seen their seven-minute shorts. I suppose they must be a worldwide hit as America was the last to receive Shaun the Sheep Movie. I wasn’t expecting much from this, but I was caught off guard with how charming and likable it was. I’ll admit that the character and movie have a lot going against it as it is a nearly silent movie. But I guess that’s what makes the character universal; when most of the characters have…British-like grunts, then there’s nothing lost in translation.

A lot like Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep Movie feels very quaint and homely; like seeing a family member making a simple animated movie. That’s the keyword today, simple. The story and plot are simple, but the team behind this still put everything into it. There were a lot of visual gags that remind me that slapstick can still be funny. For what it is, it’s really good. Not great, but Shaun the Sheep is hard to even make good. I already know that this will receive a lot of replay value for children and maybe a couple of adults. There isn’t too much for the adults, but it’s still a nice piece of animation we don’t see that often.


I’ll give this four and a half Shauns out of five. I’m glad that I saw this. Shaun the Sheep continues Aardman’s tradition of timeless laughs and ingenuity. While not for everyone, I’d say give it a watch if you enjoyed Wallace & Gromit or Chicken Run


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