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Seven Psychopaths

Posted by admin on October 19, 2012


How do we define insanity these days? In order to be declared insane, one has to show to a committee of doctors that their thoughts have no intellectual relevance and can no longer contribute to society. Those are the individuals that are very sick, but what about us? If were not declared insane, then we must have nothing wrong with us. Given the time I have to create new worlds in my stories and ideas into my film critiques, have thought about whether what I’m writing is academic or nothing but ramblings. This is why I often think that I might have a little insanity inside of me. I think everyone does.

But if we do have a little but of insanity, how do we control it? I guess I can look at how the characters from Seven Psychopaths deal with it. This is a movie all about the psyche of seven people. They may not all be crazy homicidal killers, but this a movie about the examination of how our minds are effected by confusion. This is the kind of confusion that Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction loves to address. This movie is more about characters then it is story. Even the crazy situation is confusing, but I mean that in a good way.

The movie opens with two gangsters who are waiting to kill somebody, get killed themselves by a masked man who he calls himself “the Jack O’Diamonds”.  It serves no purpose on the story, but it sets the unorthodox mood perfectly. Seven Psychopaths will turn out to be a crazy comedy.

Mart Faranan (played by Colin Farrell) is a struggling screenwriter and an alcoholic, who is trying to start on his latest work, “Seven Psychopaths”. All he has is a title and nobody to use as psychos. That’s ok, because this movie provides them for us.

Marty’s best friend is Billy Bickle (played by Sam Rockwell), a struggling actor that is also a dog thief. He works with Hans (played by Christopher Walken) to kidnap dogs and wait for their owners to offer rewards so that they can claim they found them and keep the money. Billy and Hans end up taking a Shih Tzu from their next intended victim. This guy turns out to be a gangster named Charlie Costello (played by Woody Harrelson), an unpredictable and violent man who will kill anyone in his way to get his dog back. Throughout the movie, Charlie gets the inspiration he needs through his friends and the dognapping situation.

This is an independent movie, but I can see why. This movie’s story is not that strong and relies on it’s characters to drive the excitement. Luckily, the characters (all of them!) are hilarious. All of these people point out that their insane somehow, even if they deny it. Though sick, this comedy shows how when we are put in the craziest and outrageous of situations, we becomes as psychopaths as these people are. But these psychopaths bring out different people and it’s up to us to decide whether they help or destroy these people.


I’ll give this four shih tzus out of five. Though unorthodox, Seven Psychopaths is a funny gangster comedy. 


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