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Rise of the Guardians

Posted by admin on December 1, 2012


The symbols of the holidays are some of the most fascinating mythos in fiction. They may not have the ancient wonder that Greek tragedies have or the deep level of meaning that Shakespeare had, these holiday images share one thing in common; they live on belief. Around a lot of THE holidays, many of us may not be in the right spirits. What has been lost is not our love, but our childlike ideas of fantasy. As adults, we’re supposed to be living in the real world, dealing with whatever is given to us. With the stress we have, I think we need something to believe into. It makes life much more interesting.

Childhood is an age that gives us a set of figures to look up to. Santa Claus delivers toys. The Easter Bunny delivers collard eggs, the Tooth fairy collects our teeth, and the Sandman brings us great dreams. They are put together at last in the latest animated movie from DreamWorks, Rise of the Guardians. Though not exactly a holiday movie, this still has some Christmas themes, so I guess this makes it a good time of the year to release it. It has many of the holiday figures I’ve mentioned, but what about the main star.

The films focus is on the spirit of the winter, Jack Frost (played by Chris Pine). This has me excited already because there is an entire galaxy of films about Santa Claus, but none that I know of on Jack Frost. Unlike the other holiday figure that have work to do, Frost is more of a carefree, boy who is bent on having fun and letting children enjoy the snow days he brings. The only thing he want’s is to know if there’s more to himself then snow and if he had a family in the past. He may be finding his answers at the North Pole.

Santa Claus (played by Alec Baldwin) summons Frost after he is told by the Man in the Moon that this young spirit is the chosen one. Along with the Easter Bunny (played by Hugh Jackman), the tooth fairy (played by Isla Fisher), and the sandman, Frost is told that he will join their group as the Guardians, the group consisting of themselves to protect the children of the world. Their biggest threat comes in the form of Pitch (played by Jude Law), a demonic boogeyman who is bent on spreading his nightmares to the whole world. It is up to these Guardians to stop this guy from taking belief away from the children.

Rise of the Guardians is one of those movies that has more style then substance. Executive-produced by Guillermo del Toro, the movie has a very dark, but magical feel that it wants to create. Many of the visuals, from the snowflake-frost that Jack Frost creates to the dreams that the sandman crafts, are beautiful to look at. The most interesting part is the exploration of Jack Frost’s background to how he became that spirit that he is. What’s missing is more substance from the rest of the guardians. I hope that sequels are produced, just so that I can understand this universe more.


I’ll give this four pieces of frost out of five. While there is plenty of magic in Rise of the Guardians, it may be too frightening for the youngest kids. I love the idea of a darker movie on these figures. It just makes them so much deeper then the real world interpretations. 


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