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Red Tales Review

Posted by admin on January 27, 2012


No movie will ever be able to capture the moments of World War II. The stories out weigh the art. People can paint a picture or make a movie, but the experience cannot be copied. Red Tails attempts to show another side of the war we don’t see, the minority.

We open with a military quote that states that black men cannot fly planes in the Air Force because to not smart enough to do so. This was written in 1925. Cut to 1944 in Italy where a small group of Black airmen are constantly assigned to tracking missions and flying into grounds where the enemy (everyone by now knows they were the Nazis) has not been seen in years. They believe they can do much more. They denied based on color. But life sucks before the Civil Rights

After getting approval from the Pentagon, the men are set up to go after some German Airplanes. They don’t just take out the planes; they go after an entire airbase. These are the most exciting scenes in the entire movie. The special effects are really good. The rest of the audience was having fun as I watched it. It’s great to go to a movie where you hear people cheering in the crowds.

Being produced by George Lucas, the movie is really digital effects heavy. That’s fine, but the movie also tries to have an old fashioned tone to it. The result makes the characters kind of forgettable. Without doing Internet research, I don’t remember the character’s names or personalities. What’s ironic is that the story feels like it’s on autopilot.

I can see why this didn’t make to award season last year. It needed a better screenplay. The fighting scenes however, made the rest of the movie worth watching. 


I'll give this 3 ray guns out of 5. Red Tails takes a few shots, but manages to barely fly. 


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