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Posted by admin on March 4, 2012


Do you remember the best party you ever went to? Neither do I, but the same thing will probably happen to you when you see this movie. Project X definitely has the biggest and craziest house party I have even seen on film. As you imagine, there is a small group of people that are going to watch this, males under 25. There might be others that are going to see this, but this group is going to enjoy it the most.

Project X is another found footage film along with Paranormal Activity and Chronicle. This film tries, but it is not in the same league. Nor is it trying to accomplish what those did. Those movies are much smarter, dealing with very mature situations. This film has a very juvenile subject and treats itself like a drunken teenager. Absolute chaos and anarchy.

Project X follows three teenagers as they organize a party in order to gain popularity. One of them is turning 17 and his parents are leaving for the weekend (already, these characters are cruel). Another one is the obsessively sexual nut and the latter is the mature fat nerd. The nut apparently tells everyone (including putting the address on craigslist and contacting a radio station) and slowly, but surly, the house attracts too many people.

Here’s what I liked about this. Since the producers are the same team behind The Hangover, they know how to set up a party. The documentary style footage allows a very ugly, but interesting look. The soundtrack is pumped full of house music that makes you want to dance in your seat. Many of the situations are fun to be apart of.

Saying that, there were many issues. Unlike The Hangover where the characters were fun and felt real, Project X has some unrealistic and very clique people that we’ve seen before. And unlike Paranormal Activity where those scares were new, much of the action here (the drinking, drug doing, sexual activity), we all know this is what high school students are already doing. So none of this comes to a surprise. We know their gonna swim naked. We know their gonna destroy the house.

This movie feels like the ultimate party. When you experience it, your having fun and making sure that your friends are enjoying themselves. But once it ends, you don’t really remember it.


I'll give this party 3 out of 5 beer chalaces. If your looking for crazy Friday night anarchy, Project X is yours. Otherwise, everyone else is gonna feel the hangover.


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