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Private Parts

Posted by admin on September 12, 2012


How many people do you know that are still big listeners to the radio? The interest in this musical box has declined in many years, due to the rise of television and the Internet. I really don’t miss it, as I have my own interest in what I want to listen to.  These days, I just stick my IPod into an AUX cable and pop on whatever I want. Podcasts have replaced my form of talk radio. I know that radio is still out there, but the big stuff is all satellite radio. If radio expects to last forever, we need another break from the static. One name that comes to mind is Howard Stern.

This guy is amazing. The “King of Media” is well worth of his title. This guy is not only a very funny comedian, but he is also a fascinating talk host who’s not afraid to dwell into the most uncomfortable issues of society. But he doesn’t just address them, he’ll spend an hour going over talking over the pleasure of the human body and even the joys of orgasms. What starts as great comedy turns into a lecture on sex that is more interesting then the economic recession.

Howard Stern tells all in his life story in Private Parts. Released in 1997, it is based off of the autobiography of the same name. After seeing the movie, I know wanna read that book. What makes this movie interesting is that Howard Stern stars as himself, making this the only “narrative-autobiography” that I’m aware of. With the world waiting for him to speak, he takes his cue on the air in a performance that would make Larry King green with envy.

Private Parts goes through Sterns life from his days as a child to where he was in 1997. Ever since he was young boy, he knew he wanted to be on the radio, since his dad took him on a day he was working as an engineer. In college was where he finally got the courage to go under the microphone. At first, he’s told that his voice is not for the radio. While developing his character, he also decides to tell the most personal stories of his life, making his hour’s more personal. He goes under scrutiny several times, but his ratings climb. Eventually, he is hired on by NBC to go national, yet there were only aware of his “shock jock” status when they watch an expose on Stern on Television. Several executives attempt to control him, but he tunes them out in order to let people tune in to his tales. Howard Stern becomes the man to bring his underground stories for the enjoyment of everyone else

What comes off as on the most bizarre biopics is actually one of the most personal. Howard Stern wanted people to know who he was and what he wanted to talk about. What I love about him is that he understands that the more personal you are with your passion, the more likely you are to understand yourself. He’s the most open individual on the radio, yet he’s aware that everything he has (wife, family, etc…) is more important.


I’ll give this five fartman outfits out of five. Even if you’re not a fan of shock humor, Private Parts is actually a great radio story. In a time that the medium is declining, Howard Stern still carries the voice for it. As long as there’s someone that loves hearing that voice, then radio may be immortal. 


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