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Pitch Perfect

Posted by admin on October 25, 2012


When you pop on you’re IPod, what’s your favorite playlist? I have several kinds of playlists depending on my mood. I have my own set of epic movie soundtracks for whenever I want to feel inspired. I have a set of dance songs by Michael Jackson and Adam Lambert when my feet feel like tapping. I have a set of Beach Boys and softer movie music (usually by either Howard Shore, or Hans Zimmer) when I’m driving back home in the middle of the night. I love how music has the ability to move us like a beautiful orchestra and let our emotion come out when those people start to sing.

This is a year when are lucky enough to have three movie musicals. This summer gave us the only okay Rock of Ages and I’m excited for the upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables in December. So in this quiet timeslot of the off season, we received the first of it’s kind, Pitch Perfect. What makes this different then from other musicals is that this is all done with a capella singing. That means that all the music; lyrics and sound, are all coming from the singer’s mouths. I have come across many people that can do a capella. It’s a cute little novelty, but I don’t usually find it a whole lot impressive. Does this movie help change my mind?

It opens with a flashback from a year ago when “The Bellas” from Barsen College are performing in New York City at the a capella finals. I never knew they actually do this, so singers must take this really seriously. One of the main singers gets sick from the pressure, causing “The Bellas” to become the laughing stalk. Cut to a year later when they have a hard time finding new singers at their schools activities fair.

In comes young Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) who would rather be working on her creative interest in being a DJ then pursuing college. Her college professore father wants her to join at least one club to prove she really trying to get involved. While showering, Chloe (played by Brittney Snow) discovers Becca’s gift of a great singing voice. After an audition with a rendition of “Cups”, Becca is brought in with the rest of the group along with Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson). They spend most of the time picking out their songs, trying to perform, and getting their way back to the finals.

When I first saw the trailer, I was unimpressed. But after seeing the movie, it’s better then I thought it was going to be. But how much does that say. I’m sure a lot of work was put into these college kids into staging these a capella songs, but it came off more as a predictable sports story. If you think you can already tell the ending is going to be, then you’re veryu likely to be correct. Pitch Perfect has some good comedy from Rebel Wilson and some jokes about college, but the singing still dosen’t do much for me and I really don’t buy Anna Kendrick as being an alternative style woman. She just looks too beautiful for her to think that she needs to be an outsider.


I’ll give this two and a half a capella groups out of five. Pitch Perfect will probably make a lot of people cheer for this kind of singing; just not me. If you’re a big musical fan or somebody wanting a movie like Bring it On, you’ll probably like this. 


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