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Pitch Perfect 3 review

Posted by admin on December 29, 2017


Looks like we've got another Pitch Perfect movie out. I might as well talk about them. I'll admit they've never been a favorite series of mine. I find them a tad annoying and perhaps full of themselves. That's not to say I don't understand why people get into them. They've made a lot of money, and I base that on the one element that's done well; the singing. Those that have been in a capella groups know how difficult it is to recreate instrumental sounds. It’s the same thing as beatboxing. Don't tell me your impressed when someone can make guitar and electronic sounds all with their vocals.

Do the Pitch Perfect movies do well for a capella groups in college? Probably. Can they translate out to movies? Sometimes. The previous movies have had their strengths, as I said in the singing department and even some laughs, but their not something I'd return to on my own. I've mentioned before that third movies in franchises tend to be the point in which the steam has run out. Has the steam run out for the Bellas? Well…lets look at Pitch Perfect 3 to see what we have.

After graduating since Pitch Perfect 3, the majority of the Bellas are living in New York City as they try to make something of themselves. Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) is trying to make it as a music producer, but quits on principle. Her roommate "Fat Amy" played by Rebel Wilson is simply trying to make it as a celebrity. Both seem to be empty since graduating. Though she, Fat Amy, and the other Bellas get invited to a "reunion", all it was, was to simply watch the only Bella still in school, Emily (played by Haliee Steinfeld) and her group. She apologizes for misleading the group and treats them to a night out.

While they talk about the good memories of school, former leader of the Bellas Chloe (played by Brittney Snow) tells them that they might be able to perform in the military USO show. Everyone loves the idea and they sign up. Upon arriving, the Bellas find out that not only is it a full competition, but they'll be competing against full bands that use instruments. While the Bellas keep trying to find a better tune and find out what's going to happen after this, Fat Amy's father Fergus (played by John Lithgow) is back after being absent and wants to become close with his daughter.

The best way to describe Pitch Perfect 3 is that it is what it is; a Pitch Perfect sequel. Fans of the series get exactly what they'll be looking for; more singing, more the bellas, and of course, more of Fat Amy saying some offbeat jokes. There's not a lot that separates this from the previous movies other then that the girls are out in the real world. It's just that the majority of those parts are rushed in favor of getting to the main plot.

The one element that feels out of place is a kidnapping subplot that feels out of place. Though I won't say what happens, let's just say that most audience members are going to be looking at their watches wondering how long this movie is. It tries to add on some character history, but who cares? People that love these movies aren’t there for a spy thriller. Their there to watch the Bellas sing.

As far as musical sequences are, their done well. It's also a scenario in which the songs and performances are good as before. I know their trying to make it bigger, but the problem is that not only are the Bellas at too much a disadvantage, but the final song feels like something that goes against what a capella groups would do. Maybe it's because the last song in Pitch Perfect 2 felt like a better send off then this does. This has been marketed as the final Pitch Perfect movie, though we'll see what the audience says.


I'll give this three microphones out of five. What can I say? It's Pitch Perfect 3. If you really liked the first two, then you'll get into this fine. Newcomers (I don't know why you'd start here) should watch the first ones before knowing if this is for them. I'll pass on watching these again, but don't let that stop the fans who love these. 


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