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One Direction: This is Us

Posted by admin on September 9, 2013


With shows like American Idol and The X Factor, our generation has become an new set of entrepreneurs in which we, the audience, are now the creators of gold record signers. We watch them go up in ratings and their progression into better singers, we vote for them to win whatever competition they’re apart of, and we buy their songs in support. But wait; there another contest next year. We plop ourselves in front of the TV and the chain will start all over. What about last year’s winner? Who cares, as long as the next big sensation has a great voice and sells.

 It’s interesting with how we have adapted all of these forms of television and the Internet to bring out whomever we want. With that in mind, it’s becoming increasingly harder to make it to the high levels of fame. I’m not the best person to aim for within these reality shows, as I don’t watch much TV these days. I know of them, as I do try to catch up on what’s hip and happening. Record companies are regular businesses and need to give the world it’s next best act faster then ever. So they use the reality shows for that. From the stage of The X Factor comes another concert film that screens the music and fandom of the latest sensation, One Direction: This is Us.

Again, I’m not too much into pop music (I don’t hate it, it’s just hard to find something that I like) so as soon as I heard about this movie, I wasn’t sure how to react. I found out later that director Morgan Spurlock (the man behind Supersize Me and Greatest Movie Ever Sold) would take control of this. So I was now really curious to see what we have here. What we get is more of something like Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never and Katy Perry’s A Part of Me, though this one being better then I thought.

One Direction consists of five young adult men, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. They were put together by Simon Cowell on The X Factor as a group to compete for the grand prize. They didn’t win, but they had large fan base that led to their music to be spread all over the world. The movie shows them on their world tour as they talk about their upbringing, their pranks (one involving one of the guys dressing up as security that made me laugh), and even go into whether they’ll still be friends or see each other after they break up. The rest is footage from their concerts.

I’m not surprised by their success. One Direction seems to be a boy band group like The Backstreet Boys, only they added a louder and grittier sound from the likes of Green Day. Put it together, it’ll probably sound good. Plus their good looking, so you can tell why the girls are all over them. They have a good sound, but their just not my taste.

One Direction: This is Us does go into good detail the hard work they put in to pull off these large tours. But what this does that I wanted more from Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain is that tit goes into more of the personal aspect of the entertainers. You get to know these guys very well and all you see is that they are just a group of men trying to have fun with the whole famous thing. It goes into the fan base as it is worldwide (which I didn’t know). It goes into their families as they stand behind their decisions. What I would wanted the industries side of One Direction, explaining why they think the band sells well.


I’ll give this three and a half One Direction signs out of five. This movie did not sway me over and will likely not for other non-directioners. But I will say that I was entertained by these men (not as gross as it sounds) and this movie will probably make money off of the fans. I’m just glad they tried to put on something more personal and detailed about the band. It’s no A Hard Day’s Night, but it passes for a fun little insight on the latest craze. Check it out if your even a little curious about One Direction.


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