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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 review

Posted by admin on March 31, 2016



The idea that one doesn’t marry their loved one, but their entire family is entirely true. I’m on good speaking terms with the majority of my extended family from my aunt and uncle who live close by to my cousins who live on the other side of the country. When I’m thinking about introducing a girlfriend to the family, I’m constantly worried that one will dislike her, creating something of a domino effect. I might take home the president’s daughter, yet they might find her laugh unbearable and tell me I could do better. Luckily, I have yet to encounter that, but you never know.

The majority of my family has Irish heritage. While this is not what makes us close (it’s our simple compassion), there is something of a cliché that’s formed and I’m left wondering if were a “cool” group. Nia Vardalos faced a similar problem with her Greek family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was a cute movie that became something of a sleeper hit that made it a box office smash back in 2002. The family was likable and even with the sitcom-like setup, there was potential to tell more of the Greek clan of Chicago. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 shows us what happened fourteen years later.

Toula (played by Nia Vardalos) and Ian Miller (played by John Corbett) are doing their best to give their daughter Paris (played by Elena Krampouris) whose about to finish high school. Paris is clearly embarrassed not just of her mother’s constant volunteering  at the school to which her father is also principal, but of her large family that’s always around to remind her that she’s Greek. Even at a college fair, her entire clan decends upon the tables to look into what she’s going to study and how far away from home she’ll live.

Family patriarch, Toula’s father Gus still embraces and loves to show off his Greek heritage, whether it be at his restaurant, at physical therapy, or even when instructing Paris to find a nice Greek boy. Things are thrown around when Gus pulls out his marriage certificate for an ancestry project when he realizes that he’s never been legally married to his wife Maria. So another wedding is on as the group now puts everything together while Toula tries to keep everything focuses and Paris makes her decision on where she’ll go to college. Oh, and Gus is trying to find proof that he’s descended from Alexander the Great.

My first question is why they waited for so long to get My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 going? Was there really a demand for another movie (I know there was also a failed sitcom) about this family fourteen years later? That would be too much of an issue if the movie was really funny…and it rarely is. The story is not exactly a rehash, but most of the wedding stiff does feel familiar. I think that more could have been don’t. that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some humorous moments. There’s the college fair and how we’re obligated to help the family in…every situation (you’ll see what I mean). The Alexander the Great search got a couple of chuckles out of me.  But the writing is not as sharp as the original. The original may have not been a masterpiece, but it was intriguing.

The entire cast is all back (it must have been a good thing that none of these people never went anywhere) and they all do their best to throw in a joke here and there. The least interesting character is the newest member, Paris. She’s another stereotypical angsty teenager who really has little to complain about. What’s unfortunate is that she bickers at her family for nothing and makes her character change without much of a fight. Paris is a robot child to function however the plot feels like it.


I’ll give it two and a half gyros out of five. I’m sure fans of the original will find something they’ll like, but newcomers aren’t going to shout “opa!” after this movie. You can tell the majority is trying, but perhaps its time we put this family album back on the shelf. I’ll just get a gyro and watch the original.


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