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Muppets Most Wanted

Posted by admin on March 21, 2014


Ah…yes the Muppets. This group of performers put so much effort into their sketches, It’s hard not to like them. You could say that the Muppets are kind of Disney’s answer to Saturday Night Live; they’ll pull off a lot of modern jokes that don’t need to be dirty or crass. The material is simply well thought out and friendly enough for both children and adults. Some people like to think that the Muppets are something that’s only appealing for kids, but I’m always surprised with how much I’ll laugh. Whether it’s an intentional bad joke or an entertaining song, you could say that I am a fan of these guys.

I’m glad that the Muppets are popular again. Growing up in the nineties wasn’t easy for guy like myself as Jim Henson had just past away and A Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island were the only Muppet related movies I liked. They were good movies, but the performers were not in their height of fame. That would all come back with 2011’s The Muppets, which represented why we like the Muppets with really good songs, great jokes, interesting celebrity cameos and a nostalgic tone that spoke to fans of old and new. Does Muppets Most Wanted repeat the same heights? In most ways yes, but maybe it tries a little too hard.

If you know the Muppets, then you already know that Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Miss. Piggy, Gonzo, Animal, and so one and so forth all return for a caper story. Literally starting off at “The End” from the previous movie, the gang breaks out into a catchy song called “We're Doing a Sequel” declaring that their next step, now that they’ve gotten back together, is to make another movie. After being approached by a tour manager Dominic Badguy (played by Ricky Gervais), the gang sets on taking their Muppet show on a world tour (though we only see Europe).

With a name like Dominic Badguy, it’s pretty obvious he has another agenda. His real plan sets in motion when another Muppet frog named Constantine takes Kermit’s place, causing Kermit to be jailed for Constantine’s crimes. The poor Frog is sent to a Russian prison in Siberia where a GULAG guard Nadya (played by Tina Fey) reminds him that’s he’s going to be there for a while. The Muppets loose control of their show and start to think that Constantine may not be Kermit. But they have to figure things out soon as Dominic and Constantine pan to rob the most precious jewels in England, while being pursued by Sam Eagle and an Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon (played by Ty Burrell).

Like the last movie, Muppets Most Wanted tries it’s hardest to bring us an outlandish story to life. And luckily, it works. The Muppets continue to thrive in really good jokes that poke fun at European culture and stress a celebrity would have on tour. Their just as lovable as you expect them to.

All three big names, Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fay add their own wackiness to the movie, each showing why they’re the funniest in Hollywood. There are surprise cameos around including Lady Gaga, Selma Hayek, Stanley Tucci, and one maximum-security prisoner that’s so funny I won’t give it away. Reaching the heights of The Muppets from three years ago is hard, and because of that, Muppets Most Wanted suffers from being too long. While the movie starts and ends quickly, much of the middle accidently pads out too long with maybe one too many songs. There’s a song that Miss. Piggy gets that’s sweet put is merely a waste of time. But all the other songs are really good and really fun.


I’ll give this four Muppet show signs out of five. Despite being too long, Muppets Most Wanted continues the fun zany action that the Muppets are used to doing. 


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