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Moonrise Kingdom

Posted by admin on June 5, 2012


Puppy love is that moment where all childhood instincts become mature and adult. When I was a kid, I had several crushes. I could point out names, but lets call them Britt. When I experienced love for the first time, the idea of girls being gross was forever gone. That disgust had turned into lust. Its something that not everyone, especially my classmates understood, but it was like my heart had felt warmer then ever before. As an adult, I view love differently. It involves more passion, sacrifice, and companionship. It’s all about finding your best friend in the universe.

No other film has explained young love better then this one. Moonrise Kingdom is a rare specialty. It’s a smart film that has fun with itself, yet somehow tells a lot about what it means to be a boy and in love. I have stumbled upon my favorite movie of the year so far. I was committed enough to drive out to LA to see this masterpiece. LA is the only place I know it’s playing, but I’m sure it will expand to more theaters. If you ever felt any kind of passion for someone else, whether you’re single or not. You will understand why it felt so real.

Directed by the phenomenal Wes Anderson, he gives Moonrise Kingdom his personal touch that more directors should be doing. He is someone that I can point out and say, “that’s another Wes Anderson”. He paints a picture of the misty New England islands that I’ve never seen before. All on one island we view the perspective of a twelve-year old named Sam Shakusky. He’s an orphan who’s been through several homes and is currently in the ranks of the Khaki scouts (same thing as boy scouts). Immediately, you want this boy to succeed.

The other half of this relationship is Suzy Bishop. She lives with her mom, dad, and three brothers. If that’s not enough, she also has some psychological issues that have deemed her the black sheep of the family. After these two lovebirds meet at a church opera, they start exchanging letters until they vow to runaway.

Once they flee the coop, the whole island begins the search. Within these colorful characters you have Bill Murray as the father of Suzy, Bruce Willis and the island sheriff, and Edward Norton as Scoutmaster Randy Ward. They all learn something about the kids, except the fact that both Sam and Suzy are meant for each other.

Along with Where the Wild Things Are, Moonrise Kingdom is another great film about children, but not necessarily for children. I would say that anywhere above ten is fine in my book. The classical music sets itself perfectly in this world. The movie plays like a beautiful concerto. But this isn’t just a movie. This is an experience that I want to relieve again. This may be Wes Anderson’s strongest film. Most adults don’t understand children, but this film will make them rethink about themselves at that young age.


This movie gets five full merit badge sashes out of five. I left the theater thinking about my past childhood crushes and thought about how they would be different today. I will forever love them and I hope they’re doing great as adults. Perspective of the young is necessary to understand the real world, see this perspective and think about yourselves. 


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