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Mirror, Mirror

Posted by admin on March 31, 2012


Who remembers Shrek? Of course we all do. Shrek was one of the first movies to take fairy tales and give it an interesting spin. At that time, everyone’s image of a fairy tale was the Disney movies. They were nothing more then children’s stories. Shrek took these stories and said, “see a different version of it”. Characters from Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were given a funny direction to show that these tales can be taken in an adult direction. What made it work was that the jokes were for everyone, and they were funny. Shrek is the definition of a great fairy tale parody. I can’t say the same for this one.

From director Tarsem, comes his retelling of Snow White, Mirror, Mirror.  Everyone remembers the family classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. That also took a thin story and made it a great movie. Mirror, Mirror tries hard, but misfires so bad. I don’t even know where to begin.

Tarsem is no stranger to making strange movies. He also directed The Cell and Immortals (which I liked), but this was his first try at a family film. When I saw this, I saw that he clearly had no experience in telling these kinds of stories. Mirror, Mirror takes Snow White and tries to put it in the perspective in the wicked queen, played by Julia Roberts. I could tell she was having fun, but I wasn’t. She had a lot of campy jokes, but they only work if they’re funny. Most of here character consists of looking after her riches and trying to marry the prince. She’s so bland, that we don’t see any kind of third dimension with her.

Snow White is not much better. Neither is the Prince. Nor the Dwarves. I found nothing interesting out of these characters. What I get out of these characters is that there cardboard cutouts. Snow White is your cut of a damsel in distress. This prince is nothing but charming (in the films world, but not mine).  And all the side characters do is either give exposition or react to the bad jokes. Most adults are going to hate the juvinile behavior, and the kids are going to be board with political and marrige story. Thats a double loss

If there was anything I liked was the design of the film. Tarsem clearly has a visual eye. Like his other films, the set design and costumes are great. It feels like a living painting. All I wanna do is look for a long time. Too bad that the script doesn’t match the beauty that Snow White really has.

The problem here is that this film is out of date. Maybe if this was done ten years ago, it might have been a hit. When I see this now, I realize that people aren’t gonna want these fairy tale parodies anymore. As with last years Alice in Wonderland and this year’s Snow White and the Huntsman were shifting towards darker and more serious Fairy tales. I’m personally looking forward to that.


I'll give this 2 broken mirrors out of 5. If you want a good Snow White story, stick with the Disney movie. Mirror, Mirror is a parody that was made too late. 


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