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Men in Black 3

Posted by admin on May 26, 2012


Time is such a fragile element. Every decision we make can have a serious effect on the future. I remember a famous short story called “A Sound of Thunder” by famed author Ray Bradbury. That told the story of someone traveling back to the past and accidently stepping on a butterfly during the Jurassic era. Once this man returned to his present, his home has become an uneasy dictatorship. It’s creepy to think a butterfly could have altered so much. This is called “the snowball effect”: it points to how an ordinary snowball rolls down a hill, thus making it bigger the farther it goes.

I had plenty to think about once Men in Black 3 ended. When I think about time travel, I like to think that while it is possible to change the world, it’s going to take more work then swatting a mosquito. Part of “the snowball effect” seems to connect to relationships. Whether it be my connection with my parents, my friends or a girlfriend, my decisions with these people guide every principle I believe in. Back to the Future already showed that simply having two people never meeting each other could destroy future lives. That story was built upon a romance, but Men in Black 3 is really about a bromance.

It has been ten years since my last adventure with the people that don’t exist. They are still keen in making sure everyone doesn’t know that many (space) aliens live among them. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are still together as J and K, protecting the Earth from any force in the universe. Even after everything they’ve been through, K is the same, no-nonsense grouch while J still wants that emotional human connection called friendship. After waking up one morning, he is shocked to hear that K has been dead for over forty years.

Fearing that someone has muddled with the space-time continuum, J figures that he needs to time jump back to 1969 and stop the newest destructive force of the universe, Boris the Animal. There is a back-story that explains K captured him during this time. But since Boris is going to kill him instead, this alien will be able to unleash an invasion that even the famous organization can’t stop. J eventually runs into a younger K, played by Josh Brolin. I’ll gives the filmmakers extra points for him, because he looks and sounds like Tommy Lee Jones.

They run into many interesting characters, including an alien named Griffin, that can predict every possible outcome of the future. This guy is both hilarious and intriguing. I would have loved to explore his psychology further, but less is more in this scenario. I also commend the filmmakers for continuing to use classic make-up and practical methods to create aliens. Very little of the film resorts to using computer graphics, and the classic look works to the advantage of the story. I wish we had more films that did this, as make up and animatronics will always look better then CGI.


I’ll give four classic space guns out of five. While it’s not as original as the first one, this makes me forget the abomination the second one was. Men in Black has created a great universe of galactic conspiracy. Before it goes on too long, I think it’s time to neuralyze it and close the book. This is a great way for J and K to end their adventures. 


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