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Logan review

Posted by admin on March 7, 2017


With a set of metal claws, an ability to heal from wounds, and a Clint Eastwood-like attitude, you get the superhero animal known as Wolverine. Within the X-Men comics, Wolverine has become one of the most iconic and popular characters of not just that team, but for Marvel in general. While some of that comes down to a neat design, the character of feels the roughest of personalities. This has allowed him to confront his enemies with more of a street-smart mindset that the other X-Men lack. It also helps that his regeneration practically makes him the perfect shield for the other heroes.

His cinematic outings have worked thanks to the casting of Hugh Jackman. He manages to carry the necessary roughness with the combination of the actor’s charisma. What this makes is a Wolverine that remains popular even though he has never worn the famous costume from the comics. This is simply excellent direction. It makes sense that the actor wouldn’t be able to play the character forever and had to exit at some point. Had it not been for the critically acclaimed Old Man Logan comic, writers might still be searching for a good idea. What comes for Wolverines final cinematic story is Logan.

Set in 2029 sometime after X-Men: Apocalypse, the mutants are close to being extinct due to no new ones being born in a while. Logan (played by Hugh Jackman) has aged considerably now that his healing is much slower and the metal that’s attached to his skeleton and claws is poisoning him. He works as a chauffer and caring for Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart) who is retired and suffering a disease that causes him to lose control of his telepathic abilities and memory loss. A nurse approaches Logan asking for safe transport to North Dakota for her and her child Laura.

Logan agrees for a payment, but finds that nurse murdered the morning they were supposed to leave. When he returns home, he finds Laura in the trunk. Not too long later is when Donald Pierce (played by Boyd Holbrook) comes with a security team to kill Laura. During the battle, it’s discovered that Laura has a similar set of claws and a similar regeneration power like Wolverines. Logan, Xavier, and Laura escape and hit the road to drive north. What they’re hoping for is the last chance for mutants to continue.

Not only does the movie contain a lot of story elements that I don’t want to spoil, but it contains a lot of acting moments that are also worth keeping secret. It’s rare to find a “three” movie that’s the best of a series, but Logan seems to be that specialty. Not only is it the darkest and most violent (it takes full advantage of the R rating), but it’s also the most mature. What I mean by that is that this feels like a very adult story regarding aging, politics about minorities, and even genuine drama between Wolverine and Laura.

Out of all the X-Men movies, Logan is the least superhero of all, and that’s a good thing. Hugh Jackman’s Logan plays off more like a cowboy as his character practically refuses to be the hero that most audiences have identified him as. He’s more weary and damaged then before, and his performance reminds you of a scar that contains a good story. By the end, you’ll not only be fighting off tears, but feel that the song use of Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” is worth it. Logan is without a doubt, the best of the X-Men series (yes, even over Deadpool).


I’ll give this five Wolverines out of five. In the ages of capes and super villains, it’s refreshing to see something that’s more grounded. It takes inspiration from the right places (Shane, Children of Men, etc…) and uses it’s action to it’s full advantage to make the perfect last ride for good old Wolverine


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