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Posted by admin on November 22, 2012


The definition of freedom is becoming a great concern. As an American, I feel that by not improving the economy or improving that way we live, how can we truly feel free from the restrictions of time? What we’re giving ourselves is what our children are going to receive a greater amount of. What I ask of everyone reading this is what are your morals? Are they really what you want them to be, or are you being beaten down by what everyone else is telling you? You can’t let anyone tell you what you are. What defines who you are, is how much you’re willing to act. If you want to find you’re freedom, you need to realize what morals you really stand for, and go beyond the.

What makes you special is that you have the power to make that change. You don’t have to own a mansion or drive the next best car. You just need passion and a great attitude and you can accomplish anything. Let me tell you about one man who would do everything to change everything, Abraham Lincoln. As the sixteenth president, he faced his terms with the Civil War on his American front yard and was faced with the mission to abolish slavery. He did whatever he could to figure out both, while showing both sides that he still cared about everyone.

The story of Lincoln’s journey to end the war is accounted in the epic political story of Lincoln. Directed by the acclaimed Steven Spielberg, this movie explores the end of the Civil War and the last year of Abraham Lincoln. An ordinary biography could have been made, but I was glad to see that the focus was shifted to the greatest moment in his life. What I love about this movie is how much it portrays Lincoln as a man with passion for his fight, while struggling to deal with his personal family.

The year is 1865. Abraham Lincoln (played by Daniel Day-Lewis). Ever since the first strike at Fort Summit, The Civil War has taken many lives. The Grey and the Blue have been fighting in the deepest mud in what will forever be the greatest separation of Union. Lincoln believes that his thirtieth amendment, which would abolish slavery, would be the necessary blow to end the travesty. With the support of his emotionally struggling wife Mary Todd (played by Sally Field), he fights his political cabinet for his cause for humanity’s sake.

There’s a lot to talk about in Lincoln, but the movie’s story is so fragile, that I don’t wish to give anything away. I can tell that Spielberg has a passion for this man, because this is the first time that I felt like that I was truly witnessing the events of what Abraham Lincoln went through. Daniel Day-Lewis is absolutely breathtaking as a man of the people. His performance is this year’s strongest. Never have I seen a man so calm and patient in the presence of the entire cabinet. I hope that after everyone sees this movie, everyone will want to be him.


I’ll give this five copies of the 13th Admendment out of five. Lincoln is amazingly engaging. This exploration of America’s past is a great study for our future.



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