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Last Vegas

Posted by admin on November 7, 2013


Were you ever part of a group in friends in school or your neighborhood, and assumed that that pact could never be broken? Even if you only had one best friend, then you know how much you want to cry out that they were like a brother or a sister. They are the ones that can understand dilemmas much better then everyone. Yeah, you probably went to your parents first over an issue, but then swung by over by your pals, seeking advice from someone closer to your age. There’s a lot of nostalgia from your childhood that connects your friends.

Even though you thought that you couldn’t be separated from your friend, life happens and sets you apart. You may be going to school or found a great job and had to put focus in the area that benefits you. While it may seem like that the universe is against you and your friendship, you can’t accept that your always going to look out for yourself first in the most desperate of times. The good news is that today, it a lot easier to stay connected with friends then ever. Four older friends take a trip to reconnect with each other in Last Vegas.

Back as children, Billy, Paddy, Archie, and Sam were a group of boys that formed their own little club to do what kids do. They thought that they would be together forever, but as well, they all went their own direction. Cut to now where they are old men, each in the middle of their own late-life crisis. Billy (played by Michael Douglas) is a rich, business success who still acts like he’s thirty despite being in his sixties. Archie (played by Morgan Freeman) had a mild stroke and his son will know not leave him alone and let him live life to the fullest. Sam (played by Kevin Kline) is not happy with his marriage, as his wife is taken her enjoyment of the golden years too seriously. And finally, Paddy (played by Robert De Niro) is living a grumpy, single life after his wife passed away.

Billy proposes to his thirty-something girlfriend at a friends funeral and they both decide that a simple Las Vegas Wedding would be perfect. When Billy Contacts Archie and Sam about the news, it is also decided that they will throw a bachelor party in honor. So they fly out from their cross-country towns, including a reluctant Paddy, and hit up the town. And honestly…that’s it.

There’s not much to Last Vegas. It’s like watching a set of senior citizens take on Las Vegas and seeing how many old jokes we can get in there. The movie takes every chance to get in a joke, and very few of them pay off. The whole movie feels very stale and bland. Like that they wrote a very generic script about this and expected the four men here to ad-lib a ton of better jokes and situations. While guys like Michael Douglass and Robert De Niro are great actors, they are clearly not comedians.

The only actor that managed a laugh every now and then was Kevin Kline, playing a guy who has received permission from his wife to cheat on her. That alone could have been it’s own funny movie if someone like Judd Apatow or Seth McFarlane was on board. But even then, it’s about as predictable and cliché as you can imagine. Almost all of the scenes don’t go anywhere as they stumble around casino to casino to let out another set of, “In my day…” jokes. I probably expected more, but without experienced comedians on board, what should I expected.


I’ll give this one and a half broken slot machines out of five. Last Vegas is not a fun bachelor party. It’s like a cold hamburger at a Las Vegas buffet that you knew was going to taste awful, but you ate it anyway. I’d rather take all their medical pills combined to end myself, then to take this trip to Vegas again. This is an absolute skip. 


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