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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

Posted by admin on July 10, 2013


You don’t see that many movie documentaries about a comedian’s stand up concert. A lot of these specials are either aired for HBO (where the best performers) or a comedy network like TBS (where the best are being showcased). I have sat through several stand up shows and have even tried a few of my own. I have plenty of respect for those that are even brave enough to try out their material on even biggest doubters. The first time I took my comedy to a small comedy club, I didn’t get booed at, but I didn’t get a lot of laugh. I’m just glad I knew then that I wasn’t funny enough and that my material would have to be better next time.

It could happen tomorrow. It could happen in a few years. It may never happen. Becoming a big comedian is something that I always wanted but I don’t know if I could bring any interesting stories for the people. The job of a comedian is to take a story from their life and make it funny. The best ones are the ones that are naturally funny, and I can say I’m not natural. I’m going to have to build myself even before I consider giving comedy another shot. Actor Kevin Hart may have had to change himself many times before getting to his next film, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain.

Kevin Hart is a celebrity that I can admit that I like. He can be very compulsive and quick to temperament, but he still has a likable personality. He stood out in Think Like a Man and The Five Year Engagement, both, which were terrible. He has kind of a Dave Chappelle/ Jim Carrey like persona that allows himself to be expressive, but believable. This movie is a taped performance of a worldwide stand up tour he did.

Even though this movie is sort of a documentary, it opens up with a fake party that supposedly lead to Kevin Hart wanting to take his explanations on life to the public. Live at Madison Square Garden, he opens with flames that make the crowd go wild (He even says “You’re going to see a bunch of pointless fire”, setting the mood very correctly). He tells some stories that range from an ex accusing him of cheating on her without evidence to a horseback ridding experience that led him to a very homoerotic looking ride back to the hotel.

 I will say right off the back that Kevin Hart is a very funny performer. His stories got a lot of laughs out of me and I usually hate storytelling comedians that go on too long. He is the only man who can make a Benjamin Button baby scenario hilarious. I really hope that he can make a lasting career, as I feel like he is not filling the shoes of anyone and he has enough personality to make his own image. I was definitely surprised when he said good night to everyone, because I first thought, “That’s all?”.

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain only runs at an hour and fifteen minutes, and the first twenty is the pointless mini movie before the concert. The concert was the best part, but how is this as a movie. I don’t know. Maybe this movie could have gone into more detail about his tour and explain why he has such a large international fan base. Those that don’t know him would have gotten a chance to know this guy more and see him interact with his fans. In the end, I think they could have aired his stand up concert on Comedy Central rather then a theatrical movie.


I’ll give this three and a half pointless fire out of five. Kevin Hart can make me laugh with his jokes, but I wish that Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain could have been a better documentary about his stardom. Katy Perry: A Part of Me is a better example on how this kind of film should be. 


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