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John Carter

Posted by admin on March 10, 2012


In 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a science fiction fantasy called John Carter of Mars. The series lasted over ten novels including A Princess of Mars and The Gods of Mars. This was every boys dream. A space opera with an earthman as the protagonist who can defy gravity and battle giant apes and aliens while keeping his humanity to a limit. One hundred years later, this hero finally gets the big screen treatment. Disney reintroduces the famous space hero in John Carter.

It’s interesting, because this series of books have inspired other great science fiction works like Star Trek, Forbidden Planet, and several B science fiction movies. You would think this would have gotten made sooner. But oh well. If something with much caliber took this long to make, then it’s got to be good, right?

Defiantly. John Carter is a fascinating vision of the book series. The movie was directed by Andrew Stanton, the same visionary behind A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo and WALL-E. In his first live action venture, he sure knew what mass audiences want. Children loved the books, and their gonna go crazy over the movies.

John Carter is an origin story, that shows how our hero became who he is. On Earth, John Carter is a former Confederate Captain who is on a path of self-discovery. When he finds a cave full of gold, he also finds a device that projects him to the famous red planet.

This Mars is not the one that NASA is collecting rock samples from. This Mars, or Barsoom as the natives call it, has breathable air, warm temperatures, and giant cities that host human like aliens. This place looks great. Like Avatar, great care was taken in the design of the worlds. While Pandora’s moon was a jungle, Mars is a desert. You can tell they shot in a real desert and that just heightens the depth of the story.

While kids are gonna love the action, what their not gonna like are most of the supporting characters. With the exception of John Carter, Desjah Thoris, and the Tharks, everyone else is boring and under developed. I think they tried too hard to add a political subtext about territory takeovers and ownership. What they needed was to concentrate less on that and more on interesting feuds and vendettas.

Saying that, John Carter is the first Blockbuster of the year. I hope that every science fiction fan will see this. 


I'll give this Space Opera 4 out of 5 planet's of Mars. John Carter is on his way to making a modern come back. 


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