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Jeff Who Lives at Home

Posted by admin on April 9, 2012


There are people that dive straight into a career, get married, and buy a house. There are also those who need a helping hand. Jeff is that particular case. Jeff, Who Lives at Home follows the day in the life of thirty-year-old Jeff, played by Jason Segel. The rest of the world sees him as a lazy guy who just lives in his Mom’s basement and smoke pot all day. But in his eye, he sees himself as a stay at home philosopher. His bohemian, free spirited attitude gives him a unique vision of the world where everything is fine. All he wants is to find his destiny. He claims that his father told him “Today is the greatest day in history”. Today has finally come

The movie paints a portrait around the people that Jeff knows. The plot brings in Jeff’s brother Pat, played by Ed Helms. With these two actors, you may be expecting a comedy done in the line of Knocked Up or The Hangover. Those people are going to be disappointed. The movie plays out more like an independent film dramedy. Jeff may be goofy and Pat may be a jerk, but the story takes itself seriously.

The movie follows Jeff as he’s told to simply get some wood glue. With nothing better to do, Jeff sets out to find himself. After making a detour, he runs into his brother at a business meeting. Despite having a job, home, and wife, Pat’s life is not much better then Jeff’s. Pat has been having some relationship trouble with Linda. Pat makes impulse decisions and doesn’t listen to her. Both brothers claim that they don’t hang out often, but destiny puts them together as they try to see if Linda is cheating on her husband. Plus, there’s a side story involving the mom, Sharon, played by Susan Sarandon. This frustrated woman has started to receive instant message winks from a secret admirer. She had no idea that anyone was still interested in her, because of her age. This normal day is becoming an interesting day.

The writing eventually has everyone meet up with each other in the end. The movie ends in a positive way for everyone, but don’t worry. I will not spoil it. Speaking of the writing, I thought it was spot on. The situations and set ups are quite clever. And when the movie wants to be funny, it really is. The movie was directed by the Duplass brothers, who also directed another independent favorite, Cyrus. This was my first exposure to these guys. I thought that while their not bad, they overused the zoom on the camera. I think they were trying to have a more realistic look, but when the camera zoom in too much, I can’t see what’s going on. They just need to back off from their images, and they’ll be fine.

Jeff Who Lives at Home can be interesting, but over all, it’s nothing special. Much of this is stuff I’ve already seen from other movies and television shows. But the movie was entertaining. The movie gave us people we could relate to. I’m sure at once you felt uninspired, selfish, or frustrated. Maybe we would be happier if we all thought like Jeff.


I'll give this three and a half shirts that say Kevin out of five. It'll make sense once you see the movie. Though this movie adds nothing to the stonner/slacker with a heart of gold, it's a good story with both laughs and emotion.


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