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Jack Frost

Posted by admin on October 10, 2012


The idea of taking horror elements and inserting it into the Christmas season is a strange idea. For a time of the year that everybody can feel warm, these kinds of scary stories can make you feel so cold. I’m usually not a fan of this, as these kinds of movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night and Child’s Play are very grim. That doesn’t make them bad movies for that reason, I just think that the added darker nature that was meant to increase the gray atmosphere backfires and just makes everything feel disgusting and unsettling. Holiday related horror stories are tricky concepts that I rarely ever see get right.

But when this snowball was thrown at me, I was in for something worse then yellow snow. I have seen a first of serial killers; a snowman. Yes, a movie called Jack Frost is all about a slaying snowman. When you think of something like this, you know that there’s no way something like this could be taken seriously. Thankfully, this was made as a comedy. But even with a horror comedy, you still have to consider the boundaries between being funny for the sake of dark matter or taking the horror to a point where it is mindless violence. Does Jack Frost make once icy kill too far?

The movie opens on a snowy December evening where serial killer Jack Frost (played by Scott MacDonald) is being transported to the site of his execution. The blinding roads cause the bus to collide with a truck that is full of an acid containing genetic material. Jack tries to escape, but the tank explodes causing his body to melt into the snow. His DNA somehow didn’t melt and instead absorbs into the snow giving him the rebirthed body of a snowman.

Meanwhile, the small town of Snowmonton is getting ready to hold it’s annual Christmas festivities. Yet sheriff Sam Tiller (played by Christopher Allport) is still haunted by the memories of Jacks murders and eventual capture. His holidays only become colder as several people end up getting killed. All of their murders are from Frosty as they are one by one killed off in a snowy fashion. Of course nobody believes in a killer snowman, so the sheriff Sam is on his own. His fight using guns and hair dryers prove fruitless, as the snowman remains unstoppable. How are we supposed to kill off Jack Frost.

If you haven’t already guessed, this is all pretty stupid. From the unbelievable effects to the hammy acting, this would normally be a low point in my book. But the good news is that the movie is self-aware. It knows its crap. It knows it’s in a terrible movie. They throw in a lot of cold related puns (not as many as Batman + Robin had though). Plus the killing are not only creative, but are downright funny. I’m hopping that the comedy was intentional, because this may be one of the funniest Christmas slashers I’ve seen.

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I’ll give this three bloody icicles out of five. Jack Frost is a good “it’s so bad it’s funny” example. I laughed more then anything. This is only for those that want a dark and twisted comedy about snowman. Let’s face it, this is probably better then the Jack Frost movie with Michael Keaton. 


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