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It's a Wonderful Life

Posted by admin on December 26, 2012


The world can feel like a big place when we know that the total population is well over three billion. So how do we stand out? In a lighter capacity, we already do. You have a place in the world that affects many. Even if your family or friends are small, think about it. Would they have played the same games you’ve enjoyed? Would they have been influenced to go for the same jobs? Would they even be the same person? Try to imagine a world where you don’t exist. If your shadow was unfilled, think about the shift in your society.

One man’s touch could be another’s greatest need. Even by buying coffee, you’re helping a cashier keep his job.

One man’s life is measured in the classic fantasy; It’s a Wonderful Life. Besides being one of my all time favorite movies, this is very inspiring. It taps into the greatest needs of mankind; money, passion, and love. This warm holiday film fills up a great lesson about how much everyone needs us. We make many decisions, and this movie proves that without them, life in a parallel world would be different.

Life for George Bailey (Played by Jimmy Stewart) has never been the way he looked. As a child, he had dreams of becoming a world traveler. His family business and sacrifice to the town has kept him in his place for a long time. His family’s bank and loan has constantly been the target of the town’s richest resident, Henry Potter (played by Lionel Barrymore) who wants to add it as another profit for his monopoly. For years, George has made choices that have kept the doors open, never giving in to the greedy miser. When Potter manages to steel money that was meant for George, the Bailey bank may have finally exposed a target. The stress of going to jail drives George in contemplating suicide. But god has a plan.

To stop George, a kindly spirit is sent down as his guardian angel. The angel is an older man with the heart of a child named Clearance (played by Henry Travers). George doesn’t believe him and wishes that he’d never have been born. The angel grants his wish by taking him to a parallel world where George bailey doesn’t exist. The town of Bedford Falls becomes Potterville and has become a place of sleaze with Nightclubs, pawnshops, and derelict. It’s through the magical trip that George may have to think about his greater connection with the town.

There is no man more humble then George Bailey. Jimmy Stewart becomes George in his performance. When your watching the story, you feel like that Stewart is going through the growth of spirituality as he shows off a warm man. Henry Potter is one of the great villains of cinema. He has become the archetype for evil bankers, with his powerful mental demeanor and sly behavior.

It’s a Wonderful Life holds up even better then ever. In a time when lower job rates have made us dependent on each other, this movie is a reminder with how much we mean to everyone. It may be melodramatic and somewhat mushy, it was the style that has inspired many Christmas specials, so I’ll let it pass. This movie also reminds us that somewhere is a friend for all of us. We do inspire.


I’ll give this five silver bells out of five. I can’t think of a single bad thing about this film. The yuletide story will bring merry times all year long. 


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