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Iron Man 3

Posted by admin on May 12, 2013


We embrace many new forms of technology every day, even though we don’t fully understand it. I own a computer and a smartphone, and they play a large role in my position as a film critic. I’m the kind of guy that is excited for the next big thing that Apple will put out, because I just marvel at how much something we start to become masters of suddenly brings a new challenge. I look at a new piece of software like it’s a new part of our brain and of how we consider adapting to it. Do we need to bring everything into the high definition vision? Does smaller always mean more? It depends on how much technology plays a part in your life.

As much as we’ve really attached ourselves to computers and technology, I think it’s possible we’ve grown too attached. I believe in too much computer time for our kids will make them colder to too reliable on facts and time killers. It really pisses me off when I go to a movie and see a teenager looking at his cell phone to see what friends have updated on Facebook just because he’s board. Can you survive today without any of your technological resources? Tony Stark is forced into this task when he puts on the suit again in Iron Man 3.

Following the events of The Avengers, Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) has fallen into a darker path of panic attacks and bad nightmares. This results him into pulling himself into his workshop where he has worked countless nights to build many Iron Man suits in order to create perfect protection for the one person he loves, Pepper Pots (played by Gwyneth Paltrow). A new villain has emerged called the Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley) who has bombed several American locations, yet has left the U.S. military clueless as no bomb evidence can be found at the sights.

After his head of security ends in a coma from another bombing, Stark threatens the Mandarin by revealing his home address on national television. In almost no time, a set of enemy helicopters emerge and start destroying Stark’s home. He barley makes it into his prototype of a suit before the house collapses into the Pacific Ocean. He escapes, but is presumed dead. The suit accidently sends him to Tennessee and shuts down from lack of power leaving Tony on the run. Can he and James Rhodes (played by Don Cheadle) solve the source of the bombings and stop the Mandarin?

After the lukewarm reception of Iron Man 2, I was happy to see newcomer director Shane Black give his spin on the Marvel super hero. While keeping the same old egotistical Tony Stark we’ve come to love and his funny one liners, he also attempts to take a supposedly strange villain and give him a grittier, more realistic image. I will warn viewers that what they think their get as a movie will come out different.

Without giving anything away, the best way to describe Iron Man 3 is that the advertising and beginning really build up this football game of a scenario, yet by the middle gives you a baseball game instead. The baseball game is fun, but you wished you could have seen that football game. But aside from that, I like that a lot of the plot keeps Tony Stark out of his suit. Vulnerable, he’s forced to face his demons and find what he really sees and important; his suits or his girl. Oh yeah, every action sequence looks great and is nonstop fun.


I’ll give this four arc reactors out of five. I doubt that this is the last of Iron Man, so I’ll be waiting to get my next ticket soon. I just hope that now Thor has brought intergalactic possibilities, which can force Tony Stark to fight more unearthly bad guys. 


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