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Incredibles 2 review

Posted by admin on June 18, 2018


Yep, I get to talk about The Incrediblesthis week. It's already well known as a great animated movie from Pixar & Disney, a fun superhero action story, and is even presents a more typical family. Not too sweet like the Waltons and not too cynical like the Simpsons. The Incredibles or the Parr family don't hide that they have problems, mostly learning to deal with the outside world, but manage to work together to get through life, whether it’s a new super villain or helping their son succeed at school. The Incrediblesmay have been the closest thing to a "realistic" family from Disney, despite their super powers.

Many fans have been wanting a sequel, but faced a lot of challenges. Not only did director Brad Bird insist on coming up with a story up to his standard, but the fact that superhero movies have become more common and even overblown. When the original came out, superheroes were only out sporadically. So how do you go about making an Incrediblessequel while standing out in a market currently dominated by Marvel and D.C.? Well based on how good Incredibles 2is, I'm pleased to say that were able to build not only on it's own superhero ideology, but it's commentary on family and suburban life. 

Taking place immediately after the end of the first one, the Parr family, Bob "Mr. Incredible" (played by Craig T. Nelson), Helen "Elastigirl" (played by Holly Hunter), son Dash (played by Huck Milner), daughter Violet (played by Sarah Vowell) and baby Jack-Jack are once again forced to hide when they manage to cause damage attempting to capture a super villain. Bob fear having to take another menial job, but his friend Lucius "Frozone" (played by Samuel L. Jackson) tells him of a new opportunity.

Bob, Helen, and Lucius are taken to the office of Winston Deavor (played by Bob Odenkirk) who happens to be a fan of superheroes and wants to get their illegal status reversed. He proposes that Elastigirl fight crime with a hidden camera showing the work she puts in to save lives. They agree, which causes Bob to have to stay home to look after the kids while mom continues her superhero actions. Bob suddenly finds himself in a tough position from trying to help Dash with his homework, helping Violet with her crush, and dealing with Jack-Jacks multiple new powers.

I loved The Incrediblesback in 2004 and I can say that I loved Incredibles 2. What Brad Bird understands about his family movies is that the most important aspect is the family. Not just with the likable and relatable family characters, but the problems they face and the challenges parents face. While I did think about that Michael Keaton movie Mr. MomIncredibles 2showcases a lot just how parenting itself is a superhero act. Yeah, there's plenty of Craig T. Nelson looking tired and multiple bags under his eyes, but I'll bet a lot of dads are going to look at this and say, "That was just me a few weeks ago!".

Even in a market where superheroes are dominating the box office, Incredibles 2still works as a superhero movie thanks to a lot of elements. For me, it’s the action. Brad Bird not only knows how to play with a lot of the powers characters have, but thanks to the magic of Pixar and computer animation, makes the larger set pieces look great without having to make them realistic. This makes me realize that animation still has that advantage over live action movies in which it doesn't have to build it's effects in a realistic manner, making it's scenery looking seamless.

If I do have to fault this movie, it's with the villain. While I won't say who it is, Disney attempts to throw another character who initially isn't a suspect but later reveals themselves. Not only is this becoming a trope that I'm getting sick of, but isn't as interesting as Syndrome from before. At least Syndrome had more of a personal connection to Mr. Incredible. The Screenslaver has their moments, but again, when it's revealed, the motivation doesn’t make a lot of since. What does help is the action in the final act, which is a boat chase that puts Speed 2: Cruise Controlto shame.


I'll give this five and a half Incredibles logos out of five. Incredibles 2is such a relatable story and really funny that I have hard time finding people that won't like this movie. Brad Bird really is incredible making this movie. So put on your make and fly with this movie.