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Hotel Transylvania 2 review

Posted by admin on September 30, 2015


After the several chances Adam Sandler has had with Just Go With It, Jack & Jill, That’s My Boy, Blended and Pixels, you would think that Sony would finally cut their ties with the star. Audiences, especially families used to turn in by the flocks to the theater to see Sandler and his friends spin a yarn about an underachiever who uses their cleverness and potty humor to save the day. For a while, he won easily for the kind of audience that was either low brow or willing to let their children watch anything for entertainment. But most people seemed to caught on with how most of his movies are the same scenario with the easy jokes and predictable plot.

The one exception to all of this is Hotel Transylvania. The animated monster movie from 2012 still stands in my book as okay, but it is still undeniably a thousand times more creative and funny then any of the live action Sandler films combined. I’d say this has to do more with the very cartoonish style and writing that uses the Happy Madison crew to their advantages. As with most hit animated features, it was inevitable that Hotel Transylvania 2 would come haunting along.

Taking place a couple of years after the first movie, Dracula (Played by Adam Sandler) not only sees his daughter Mavis (played by Selena Gomez) and his new son in law human Johnny (played by Andy Samberg) as a beautiful couple, but he has opened up his hotel up for humans. Adjustment have been made to ensure that both the monsters and human guests are equally confortable, but no preparation could have prepared Dracula for something that he has always wanted; a grandchild. Mavis and Johnny give birth to what seems like a healthy human boy they name Dennis.

But that’s it; he may just be a human.

Dracula still has some human prejudice, refusing to accept that Dennis is just a human, think that he is a “late bloomer vampire”. The child has until the age of five to get his fangs, but his mother could care less however he turns out to be. When Mavis suggests that she and her family move, Dracula convinces her to visit her in-laws first while he care for Dennis. Dracula, along with the Frankenstein monster (played by Kevin James), the wolf-man (played by Steve Buscemi), the mummy (played by Keegan-Michael Kay), and the invisible man (played by David Spade) all do everything to train Dennis into a true vampire. They may even have to call in Dracula’s father Vlad (played by Mel Brooks)

The theme of the Hotel Transylvania movies are tolerance; it’s all about the acceptance of those that are different in the family and such. As is, Hotel Transylvania 2 continues to boast some terrific, very cartoony animation whose movement is more prominent then most CGI movies. It’s dark, but also colorful. You don’t get that a lot with anything monster related.

The voice acting is also just as good. Sandler feels really invested as Dracula. It may be obviously him as his voice is distinct to tell, but he’s having fun with the part, so it’s fun to see where he’ll roll with it.

What turns me off though are the problems I had with the first movie. It’s writing, while witty, still seems a tad lazy. They follow through with the story of a child and his vampire genes, plenty of the side plots are never resolved, or at least resolved too fast. Not to mention that Sony really seemed to have a lot of hands of this project by the painful product placements (Visio computers in an animated movie; Really?) and the modern day pop songs.


I’ll give this three Dracula capes out of five. I guess my opinion for the sequel is the same as the first, which was okay. I can understand why people would still like these films regardless, and to be honest, is a good way to introduce children to the classic monsters without scaring them too much. Hotel Transylvania seems far from closing, so check in if you even liked the first one a little bit. 


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