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The Host

Posted by admin on April 1, 2013


The thoughts in our head and our dialogue are complete different languages. As soon as we have an idea, we’ll analyze it, process it, and continue to ponder about it for a long time. But once it’s time to reveal the idea, you more or less edit your thoughts into a rational discussion without boring your friends. What I find interesting is that we are thinking more then talking. As a writer, my brain is swarming with ideas about my reviews and future projects. It’s my duty to put each thought together like a large puzzle until the pieces fit correctly.

Now image for a moment that you had no control over your thoughts. You can talk just fine, but you have been invaded by something that’s preventing you from accessing your personality. You have become a different person. This is practically the set up for the classic Science Fiction thriller, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Though I have yet to see this movie, I’m aware of the impact it’s made about aliens that take over bodies then the planet. It’s been remade several times, but I don’t hear much about them. But I guess one day, author Stephanie Meyer decided to add her Twilight-like teen romance into an Invasion like story into a novel that I will probably not enjoy. So I wasn’t expecting a lot from the movie adaptation of the same name, The Host.

In an unknown era in the future, the Earth has been taken over by a parasite race of creatures called “Souls”. They have taken over the minds of almost everyone on the earth. Their mission is to perfect what the humans have done wrong and then leave when there is nothing more. The few that fight back are left to hide in caves, hoping that the human race can thrive once more.

Melanie Stryder (played by Saoirse Ronan) was scavenging for food with her brother as she was caught by the Souls. A botched suicide attempt leads to her capture by The Seeker (played by Diane Kruger) and eventual invasion of the mind. The Wanderer is the name of the inhabitant of Melanie’s body, yet the girl is fighting back on the inside and there is now a body with two minds. When the two decide to team up, they escape and walk into the desert until she is discovered by her uncle Jeb (played by William Hurt). Even with the noticeable change, she is taken back to the caves where her little brother and her boyfriend Jared (played by Max Irons). There, everyone takes in that a Soul wants to join the battle to fight back.

I would have thought with the bad writing that came from Twilight, Meyer would have learned her lesson and put more passion into this love story. Yet, I find this much worse then any of the Twilight movies put together. Not only is there no chemistry between anyone, but it is hilarious with how fast the relationships build. I swear that I only counted like three lines of dialogue from meeting and deciding to be together.

But what the movie really fails hard on is by taking the focus away from the invasion. Where do these creatures come from? How did they conquer Earth if their pacifists and peaceful? How does their set of governments work? Why not just introduce humans to the new technology if they came to perfect humanity? This and many other questions are not answered because they thought that the characters would be more interesting. What I find depressing is how bad Saoirse Ronan’s performance is. I loved her in Hanna and The Lovely Bones, but as long as the creature is inside of her, she is forced to restrain her emotions for this very boring story.


I’ll give this one Host eye out of five. The Host is amazing. Everything about this is done poorly. They may have created the worst set of invading Aliens in cinema history. At least the creatures from Battlefield Earth had weapons and a purpose. 


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