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Hit and Run

Posted by admin on August 25, 2012


Poor Dax Shepard. This is a man who really wants to be a great comic talent, but I have yet to see him in anything that justifies giving him a Hollywood career. I have no idea where he came from and how he has gotten work, but this guy has no charisma. I hope that he’s a nice guy. Because I mostly see him as a ignorant jackass in anything that he touches. This man has churned out some bad projects such as When in Rome, Employment of the Month and Old Dogs. Even in a good movie (like Zathura or Idiocracy) he doesn’t make an impact.

Hit and Run makes a lot of sense when you break it down. It’s like if someone were to combine Drive and Smokey and the Bandit. It’s an interesting caper story about a guy on the run from the mob while having the skills to drive a sweet ride. But rather then something exciting, we receive Dax Shepard in his worst. This is his first (and probably last) attempt at writing and co-directing a movie. He’s a miracle. He somehow has the ability to take something that’s tired and make it even more sleepy.

Hit and Run is all about Charlie Bronson (yeah, that is the name he’s really using), a former getaway driver he is under witness protection after testifying against his best friend robber. Currently, Bronson is living with his girlfriend Annie (played by Kristen Bell) as she works as a doctor in nonviolent conflict resolution. She has been given a job offer in Los Angeles to run a college department. So in a classic race against time road trip, Bronson breaks out a car that’s been sitting in his garage (yet somehow looks clean as a dealership vehicle) and takes her to her interview.

But the past always has a way of returning to the dirty. Annie’s ex boyfriend goes stalker crazy as he decides to tail Bronson all the way to LA. Though he accuses Bronson of being a serial killer rapist because of his witness protection status, the boyfriends would better fit the candidate for insanity. He even goes as far to contacting that robber from earlier, Alex Dimitri (played by Bradley Copper, sporting an obviously fake dreads wig). Also in pursuit is Bronson’s US Marshal protector (played by Tom Arnold) and two police officers that seem more like GQ model’s them law officials.

This movie has a lot of funny ideas. But Dax Shepard decided that it would be more fun to copy car moves that we’ve seen in better action movies and shout out unfunny jokes. Rarely did any of the jokes work, except with a few lines by Tom Arnold. Hit and Run is a movie that I wish I could have put in reverse. That way I can forget that I saw such a piece of bland junk.


I’ll give this one car leaking oil out of five. This car movie runs out of gas in less then five minutes. If any movie gives a reason to kick someone out of Hollywood, then Hit and Run is the proof for Dax Shepard’s departure. 


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