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Here Comes The Boom

Posted by admin on October 26, 2012


Swing to the left. BOOM! Swing to the right. POW! Southpaw to the head. KNOCKOUT! Fighting in the ring, whether it be boxing or wrestling, continues to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment.  Some people have complained that it encourages violence and the fighters will get hurt. Well, duh! Fighters know that getting brain damage is part of the risk of facing their opponent. Otherwise, why would they spend countless hours training in the gym and shadowboxing in the locker room? Rather then encouraging violence, I think the audience uses these matches as their own personal vision of themselves facing life’s biggest problems and literally beating it to a pulp. I have a lot of respect for these fighters for the time they spend for their own sake.

Comedian Kevin James takes on fighting in his next movie in Here Comes the Boom. I’m not a fan of his. Movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Zookeeper I consider to be dumb, mindless comedies. I don’t mind these movies, if they were actually funny. But the jokes in theses movies always feel forced or painfully obvious. All of his movies are like those YouTube videos of a fat guy falling down the stairs. They might get a chuckle out of an immature teenager, but imagine an entire movie like that. So going into this movie, I thought I was going to get that same formula.

Kevin James plays high school biology teacher Scott Voss. He’s so burnt out on his job that he barely cares if his students actually learn anything. At first I start to hate this guy, because it’s teachers like him the reason why public schools are failing. But then I find that the rest of the school is badly underfunded, including the music program of Marty (played by Henry Winkler). When the teachers find out that the school needs fifty-thousand dollars to keep the extra curricular activities, Scott decides to try and raise the money.

While watching mixed-martial arts with his friends, he finds out that the UFC fighters are paid ten thousand just for loosing. Once a college wrestler, Scott decides that he’ll fight for the cash. With Marty and his new trainer Niko (played by former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten), they start all they way at the bottom level to hopefully have a shot for the big money in UFC fighting.

This film actually surprised me. The movie has very few pratfalls and really tries to tell a story about a man who will fight to help his school. It doesn’t always work, but the audience that was watching it with me was actually cheering like if they were watching a real fight. If a movie can get that reaction out of its viewers, then it’s at least inspiring everybody.  I can think of many other sports movies that do better like Rocky and The Karate Kid. Here Comes the Boom is not on that level, but I can tell that these guys are really trying to give us something that has good fighting and a good heart.


I’ll give this three black eyes out of five. This movie will probably find an audience with regular Kevin James fans and watchers of the UFC. It’s better then the other movies with him, though I’m still waiting for his comedic gold.


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